Saturday, May 30, 2009

our garden is growing


This is "secret corn." brandon planted it off to the side of everything, i don't know why. but he was sneaky, and it's a secret. shh.

remember i was curious about what the carrots look like under the dirt? well we got to find out:


we had to thin them out a bit. see? they look all carroty already!

these guys have grown a LOT since my last pic:


brandon put this together last weekend:
it's 11 feet tall! i bought it last year, it was something like 90% off, and was only $3.50. hopefully someday we'll have viney things growing on it.

here is the almost-finished compost box brandon built:
it just needs some latches. we somehow lost the ones we bought, so we're going to buy more tomorrow. then we can start making less trash, and more fertile soil!

Brandon has done so much for our garden, and is working very hard. he deserves a hand. as in some clapping. click any pics to see lots more that i took today.

we went to see Up today, and I must say it was very good! there were at least 3 different parts where i thought i was going to start crying. it was surprisingly sad, but funny and heartwarming, and the animation was amazing as always. we didn't see it in 3D, but it was still great. oh and brandon also said that the parts made him very sad too. and next to me was an older lady who i could hear sniffling a bit, and i heard a little girl ask her "what's wrong, grandma?" so, it's one of those children's movies that is good for everyone, which is great. go see it!

i've been feeling really good about life the last couple days. complete 180. i feel very appreciated and loved, and am sending out a good amount of love myself. perhaps it's the good weather.


@eloh said...

You are my kind of shopper. You couldn't make something for 3.50

The compost...Are you going to use a pitch fork for turning?

If there is a "bait shop" near by may I suggest you buy some red worms.(When you get enough garbage in the bin to support a hand full). They multiply quickly and really hasten the compost and great for the garden soil as well.

When I was younger, I loved raising my own veggies. My broccoli was the best (fresh). Every year you have to plant it as far away from the year before to stay one step ahead of the cabbage worms.

Year around (just about) we have summer gardens and winter gardens.

Your pictures are beautiful.

jenny elkins said...

I love that you guys have gone so green. When I am short a tomato I will know where to go!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

@eloh, thanks for the worm tip, we should be able to find some of those fairly easily i imagine. and yes, pitchfork. i assume that is what we will use. we found one in our garage from the past owners, so its life shall continue!

and jenny ... if everything goes as planned, we will DEFINITELY have more tomatoes than we can handle. you will be welcome to them any time!

Barbara Hartsough said...

Hi Candice!
Hey, the boys and I went to see UP over the weekend also. I must say, ALL THREE of us had tears running down our cheeks. I had to fight very hard not to sob. I LOVE this movie. I'm going to take Dad very soon so he can cry too!