Saturday, May 9, 2009


i have been neglecting the blog.

i've been here, there, out-of-town, neglecting dishes, watching movies, making 17 drawings, trying to momentarily forget the fact i need to make a bajillion things for upcoming shows, petting mona, laughing with brandon.

first of all, the crohn's/colitis walk went great. thanks to everyone who helped contribute!

here is max and i:
(that's not my real smile)

it was a beautiful evening, perfect for walking.



this last week has been really great around the house. i've been working on drawing like a crazy woman, trying to keep myself ahead of schedule. so far so good. brandon has been working outside a lot trying to get our garden started. i salute him. i've always fancied a garden, but i lack the drive to make it a reality.

within a one week span, 2 movies we have been awaiting premiered: X-Men and Star Trek. We almost NEVER go to movies any more. Why go out when we could just wait a few months and rent them on netflix? But we just had to go see these two. i love x-men, and brandon loves star trek. both were great! it felt wonderful to have two date nights in one week. it is spring, we are happy, we go on dates. hooray!

now i should do some working, but we just got home from star trek, and movies sort of zap my brain a bit, so we'll see how much i get done. i must rest up for tomorrow because we have another date: a planting and mowing date!

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