Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my macbook arrived today!!!

Photo 6

here i am, joyfully taking my picture with the camera on said laptop. the little camera sort of makes me uneasy, as i imagine that someone, somewhere, is watching me through it. like a reverse peephole. creepy.

so i had it shipped to brandon's parents house, because i wasn't sure when it would be delivered. i thought maybe i'd be at work or something, and their house is safer since they have a porch. well apparently today the fedex man came to deliver it while janet (my mother in law) was out on her bus route (she drives a school bus), so he said "delivery failed; customer not home." but then miraculously, she drove past the house just as he was still in her driveway, so she stopped the bus in front and stuck out her stop sign, you know, right in the middle of US 52. the fedex man saw her there and she motioned to him, and signed for the package. haha!

i've just been messing around with it all evening, learning things and downloading things i need. luckily this computer can see my old one over the network, so i can just drag and drop things from there that i need. very cool.

i've wanted a laptop for a very long time, and some stars aligned last week making it possible for me to afford one right now. i got a refurbished one from the apple store, and so far I LOVE IT.

ok enough of that.

i think i'm going to get new glasses soon. would you like to help me pick them out? i really need a buddy to come along, as it's sort of a big decision.

also today's big news is that brandon was biting his finger nail, and part of his bottom tooth chipped off. not like a huge chunk, just a tiny sliver-chunk, but i guess it's all sharp and ragged, and he can't help but run his tongue over it, which is making it get all cut up. luckily we just received our dental insurance cards in the mail a few days ago. timing.


jenny elkins said...

I will go with you to pick out your glasses!

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

that'd be awesome! let's make a date of it.