Saturday, April 4, 2009

i finished up these two brothers yesterday. green went to NY, and yellow went to TX. although they are now separated, they will keep in touch through letters and free long distance cell phone minutes.

if you can't tell, this guy was on our mini blinds in the living room. the weird thing is this: the window is still covered by the plastic shrink wrap. i guess he probably went through the little slit at the top for the stick thing that opens/closes the blinds. oh man, i just went to see if he's still in there, and he's not ... so he's somewhere in the house?? what the hell is that thing, anyway? ick!

and also:

i'm finally a card-carrying member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I would always forget to join, but finally did last week sometime. perhaps i will be motivated enough to go to the big conference next year in NY. this will probably entail being brave enough to fly alone.

i almost clicked "buy now" on the computer i want. but i decided to hold off for another week or so ... i changed my mind about 4 times today on certain things, and i want to make sure that my latest decision is the one that will stick before i spend all that $$ and then regret it. i just wish i could have it NOW.

the past couple of days i've felt like i'm coming down with something ... i really hope not. i have this really small sort of ache on the side of my throat that feels like the beginning of a sore throat, but it's been there for over 24 hours ... you'd think i'd actually have a full blown one by now, but no. and i'm also extremely tired. perhaps i'll be able to fight it off before it comes full force. fingers crossed.

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Gwynneth said...

The cats turned out great! They'll be sad initially, but grow to be stronger, independent kitties over time....Hope you feel better!