Tuesday, April 7, 2009

maud and annie web

I am in love with this new technique of watercolor and graphite. Well it's not totally new, I've been trying to "develop" it for over a year now. But I feel like it's finally starting to come together for me. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll miss the vivid colors I get from colored pencils, but I think I can still get those colors, I just need to learn watercolor a little bit more. I'm getting there. I am still a bit too timid, I think. Also if I ever need to, I can go back in with colored pencils, and as long as it's not too thick, the graphite still works over the top of that. I love mixed media! The best part is: I began this final image on sunday afternoon, and finished it last night, even after working a full day at the library yesterday. So quick, so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for identifying yourself. I wondered who the kitten was!! I LOVE your artwork and look forward to meeting you at some SCBWI meeting somewhere. I find them to be very pricey and not a lot of help to me. I will try to attend if one is in Indy and has something other than picture book sessions. My interest is middle-grade novels. Happy Easter! -Marlis

Nathan said...

I like what you're doing. I'm trying to get back into a technique my illus. prof. taught us: graphite drawing w/ oil tints. I'm substituting charcoal for the graphite, to get more drama in the darks.