Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring is Coming!

It is almost here ... signs are appearing ...


it was warm last night, and i stood out on the porch in my socks.

it smells good when i go outside ... and the breezes that pass through the house carry the good earthy somewhat-moist scent instead of a bone aching chill.

soon i'll be missing my winter coat instead of being so tired of having to put it on. i'm looking forward to my spring jackets and open toe shoes.

i enjoy having winter when it means we get to have such a jubilant spring.

today i'm trying to refuse turning on the tv. so far it is working ... this morning brandon and i sat together in the living room, me painting, him reading a book about irvington. it was nice to sit together without hearing the sounds of the morning news or bad talk shows.

instead of tv, i'm listening to a autobiography of and read by steve martin, and painting my heart out.

so far today is really good.


James N. said...

what happened to that one peep's wing?

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i ate his pal that he was connected to!

jenny elkins said...

I heard all about the chair you guys made. Hope you had fun at the Harrison. I have a question about the Craft Mafia website I will ask you when I see you next.

We have a really big party porch!!! So we will definately have to use it!

James N. said...

How would you feel if a giant purple marshmallow chicken ate one of your pals?

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

I would probably feel like that was a really weird thing to have happen. then i would go eat my way through the giant purple chicken until i found my newly sticky pal.