Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Darlings!


I am announcing the beginning of the PikaLand sale and give away for the month of March!

Go and check it out! I just downloaded their zine, and the participants (I am one of them) look really fun. Hurry and enter the contest by March 15th ... if you are one of two winners, you'll get a free PikaPackage! Otherwise, you can buy a PikaPackage in their store. the proceeds help fund the PikaPackage project, and also go to KIVA, an organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

I have some fun projects coming up in the next few months, which means things are looking up! Winter felt so dire, but I think Brandon and I are going to emerge in the spring to a (hopefully) much more stable existence.

Yesterday Brandon and I were watching Jeopardy, and the question was "What is boric acid?" which Brandon and I both said out loud. But the man who buzzed in said "What is boron?" To which Brandon and I simultaneously said "YOU'RE a Boron!" You know, because it rhymes with Moron. It was just ... one of the funniest things that has happened in awhile, and it needed to be documented. Clearly we're meant for each other; or else we just spend too much time together.

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jenny elkins said...

You two are funny! I love that you are in PIKA!!! Kudos to Candice!!!!!

p.s. the neclaces looooook FAB!