Sunday, March 1, 2009

a fun weekend!

my pals sally and jill came to indianapolis this weekend to visit. it was a blast! yesterday i took them on a field trip to some fun and interesting thrift stores on the east side, including Audrey's Place (always has a lovely selection of owls) and the Goodwill Outlet. the goodwill outlet is kind of a frightening thing, but something everyone should experience at least once. when we walked in, there were about 30 or so people standing in a line in the middle of the room, all with looks of great anticipation in their eyes ... because coming straight towards them were new bins filled to the brim! (In case you've never been to a goodwill outlet: it's a huuge room filled with probably 3'x5' rolling bins piled with all the stuff that couldn't be sold in the normal retail stores. you pick through everything, and when you're done most of the stuff is sold by the pound. you never know what you will find, and after awhile they take away bins and bring out new ones. i think some people hang out there all day long.) our experience is summed up by sally noticing someone pull out a large knife from a bin ... yikes!

today we got up late, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, and headed over to the children's museum. i had wonderful company, and we took lots of fun pictures!





we were staring in awe at this glass on the ceiling:

the children's museum is a fun time, you should go even if you don't have a child to accompany you!

now the girls have gone back to their respective cities ... and i need to work myself back into the regular swing of things. i have a brand new huge project about to start and one that i need to get the wheels moving on so that it will eventually become a new huge project down the road ... all these secrets! i'm sorry to keep them from you ...

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jenny elkins said...

Hey Candice....glad you had such a good time. Sorry about the LOVESEAt I should of asked my peeps before listing on Craigslist. Wish people were that interested in our ART. Like vultures! I am planning on being at the meeting on the 8th. Hope to see you there!