Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear friends,
it has been awhile! my show is now over, and i've been taking the weekend to relax. yesterday i spent the morning with my family at a meeting for young people with IBD (both of my little bros have ulcerative colitis), and then the rest of the afternoon bumming around the north side of indy. We eventually made it back over to our house. It had snowed about an inch or so, and when i went to get the mail i noticed some bunny tracks going right down our front sidewalk. i carefully walked next to them so i wouldn't disturb them, they were so cute. later on my mom saw both my tracks and the bunny's tracks next to each other, and this is what she imagined had happened:


When i got the mail, i saw i had received the package i had won over at little white paw! i was so excited to have won, i feel like i never win anything. here is me wearing the headband:


she also threw in a lovely spring time print she made, and a cute greeting card. thanks so much, bonnie!

and because you love seeing pictures of me, here i am again at my opening last friday:


next to me is my good friend angela who owns the lala gallery. she is nice, you should visit her and see my new show!

at the opening i also brought along a couple of stuffed animals. here is my favorite owl:

and a sweet new family of birdies:

sorry i am still being secretive with the images from the main part of my show. i have many secret plans for those images, and i don't want them to be spoiled!

happy sunday, everyone!

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Anne Z said...

I love the chain stitching around the owlie's face!