Friday, January 16, 2009

strange things are happening ...

yesterday i had this really weird thing happen to me while at work, which an eye-doctor-friend of mine helped me figure out must have been an ocular migraine. so weird! the weirdest thing is that an ocular migraine doesn't necessarily have any pain involved. so ... migraine with no headache, weird. it was basically this fuzzy spot in the center of my eye that reminded me of when you look at something bright and then look away, and you still have that spot there for a few minutes. well it happened suddenly while i was reading on my break; the book was not a bright object. it wouldn't go away for several minutes, and then started shifting and moving across my eyes to the left. it made it very difficult to see, and thoroughly freaked me out! eventually, after half an hour or so, it went away and everything was back to normal. i've had this happen one other time, 12 years ago when i was in high school. i'm glad my friend helped me to figure out what it probably was, and i'm glad to know i don't have a brain tumor ;)

this morning it was -11 outside, and at that point our furnace had been pretty much running non-stop all night long. not so good because we're very afraid of our electric bill (we have an electric furnace, remember). so today we tried some lovely tricks to keep the warm air in. here is our side door:

we covered it with plastic. you can kind of see in the picture the plastic billowing out from the wind that is coming in the cracks around the door. and on the bottom left corner you can see we taped some fiberglass to a hole where a doorknob is supposed to be.

this lovely thing is our FRONT DOOR. there's no weather stripping at all on this door because it is set crooked in the frame, so if weather stripping is applied you can no longer shut the door ... something we need to fix, obviously. so right now we covered it up with blankets. it's helping a lot already. but isn't it just so pretty??

so far our tricks are helping a bit, we've heard the furnace turn off a couple times already, although it's still working pretty hard. poor thing. our soon to be poor bank account!

right now it is a balmy 3 degrees outside. glad i don't have to go anywhere today ...

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