Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is time for an update, I see.

This week has been tough so far. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but Brandon's grandma had been in the hospital since Thanksgiving. She wasn't feeling well, and turned out to have colon cancer. Well on Sunday Brandon and his family went out to visit her, and she didn't seem to be doing so well. Then on Monday we got the news that she had died. Very sad. Brandon was not especially close to her, and I had only been around her a handful of times; but these things are always hard when it is family. Brandon has been spending a lot of time alone which worries me; but yesterday he took a long time to make a little picture-video-music thing to play for her. I guess he needs his grieving time.

in other news, it is snowing a lot today, and since i am at home i find it charming. i also find it funny that the media and drivers are freaking out for 4-5 inches. but i come from ze north where there are 4-5 inches of snow pretty much all winter long, so. i still really hate driving in it, though. the first drive of the year is always the worst, and i took care of that up in south bend. but today was indy's first big snow, so everyone here was FREAKING OUT and i was that driver who was cursing at everyone to stop being pansies. i had to go downtown earlier to meet my illustration group, and traffic was bad enough going home at 2:00. the 5:00 traffic looked insane as i watched it on tv from the comfort of my couch.

i am getting pretty hungry for dinner, but still feeling no desire to cook. i used to cook a few times a week, at least, but now the thought of it just makes me tired.

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