Thursday, January 1, 2009

i was in the Indy Star today because my store was featured. that's pretty awesome; however, the way the reporter wrote it up it sounds like all i make are cat illustrations ... i know all press is good press, or something, but i don't want people who may not like cats to not go to my store. that is not all i do! but anyway ... it's still cool.


Julie Pitman said...

i must have a whallop of whimsy because i want to buy everything that you make! way to go. that's awesome press.

jenny said...

I used to be tagged "the cat lady" and hated it. At one point that is all I made was cats. I think it is the past news stories of seeing the agencies come and remove 48 cats from a house filled with stacks and hoards of newspapers that make us run from anything "cat" related.