Thursday, January 8, 2009

hey! it's my 101th ... 101st ... post today! whoohoo.

today was a long day of work, and i'm glad it's over. i walked there this morning, and i feel good about that because it's exercise, and not using gas. however it was pretty cold this morning!! but i brought along some coffee, which helped. it is a nice way to start the day. i was mostly out alone, and it was snowing, and my boots were squeaky, and somehow arriving somewhere by foot makes me feel a lot more free than arriving there by car. it's like ... i really CAN live my life without that huge machine! the reason i walked is because my little car is sick. it needs some new breaks, and i don't really want to spend the money on them right now, as we don't know when the end of brandon's job hunt will arrive. so far my job at the library has been great. i am really enjoying it. everyone is so nice, and i'm picking everything up very easily (what? alphabetical order? numerical order?). it is nice to have a little job, but still have lots of time off to be home and working. i told brandon that i have a full time job and a half, now, and he has to be the househusband. he made me meat loaf for dinner tonight :D

it's always so weird how when things happen, they happen all at once. today i got two different acceptance emails. one from Pika Land, and one from renegade handmade. i can't tell you how very exciting both of these are! PikaLand is a really neat project (PikaPackages!). every other month or so they put together a package full of handmade objects and artwork into a little bundle, and then sell it as a sort of grab bag. i guess people like to do limited edition items, and it's a really great way for promotion. which i need. as for selling through renegade ... holy crap! i'm not sure if it's only for their online store, or in a physical store somewhere as well, but holy crap again, that is just so awesome to me. In case you don't know, Renegade Handmade Store is an extension of the Renegade Craft Fair that jill and i went to in December in chicago (they also do fairs in brooklyn and san francisco).

also today, my friend bobbi who owns the sleepy hollow store here in irvington saw my little blurb in the paper, so she gave me a whole candice corner with my prints and a copy of the blurb. yipee.

i just love it when things happen. it makes me feel good. sometimes i don't feel too good about my work or my direction, but then all this stuff comes through and it feels great. i'm going to need to get the hang of having a full time art job plus the library job, because i can see horrible time conflicts arising already. winter is supposed to be my downtime, but i think it's going to be pleasantly busy! i am planning on building up a nice stock of stuffies and little wooden animals (i'm picking up my new/old saw this weekend from my parents) to sell at all the artfairs i'm anticipating doing. come on 2009, you have the potential to be awesome already!


jenny elkins said...

I love that all of this is happening for you! Congrats!!! If your car is still sick next week...I can pick you up for lunch. See you soon.

Indysuz said...

Good things come to good people. Congrats! You deserve it!