Wednesday, January 7, 2009


for the book/gallery show i'm working on right now, i've had to do a bit of image research on a couple different bugs: spiders, and cockroaches. i just finished looking up cockroaches, and i had to stop. as i'm getting older, i'm getting more and more squeamish about bugs. just looking at the pictures made me want to shudder, and go thoroughly vacuum. they are freaking me out!! i cannot stand the thought of a spider or cockroach being near me right now, but there probably is one somewhere. well hopefully no cockroaches in here, but most definitely a spider. so gross!!

now, if there was a praying mantis somewhere near me, i'd be really happy. why is there a difference? just social stigma, or because i know i'm not going to accidentally walk through a mantis' web, and that the mantis will probably leave me alone and not crawl on my face when i'm sleeping?

one day when i was emptying out the trash can outside, i noticed a soda can was stuck to the bottom. so i pulled it out, and it kind of resisted. but as i picked it up, apparently i had ripped open a spider egg sack that had been attached to it, and MILLIONS OF BABY SPIDERS RUSHED OUT!! it was so gross, and i screamed into my friend sarah's ear because i was on the phone with her.

but ... one time Randy from United told a story of finding tons of baby praying mantises all over the chair in his living room, and the thought of that makes me want to laugh, and i've thought of making it into a cute little story. not a horror story.

anyway. today is red lobster day! we got a gift certificate for christmas, so we're going and i'm excited. i am always excited for red lobster day, i am weird. my brother deren calls it "red hamster" because apparently one time when he was little, he pointed to the lobster tank at the grocery and said "woah! look at all the hamsters!!" he is also the same brother who pointed to the barrel of peanuts and said "woah! look at all those penises!"

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