Monday, January 19, 2009

brandon is awesome, as he spent a large amount of time today constructing a table on which to put my brand "new" 40 year old (at least) table top jig saw that i got from an old man.

here he is being awesome:

i think mostly he just wants to be able to get the saw out of his car, which is where it's been living the past week. it's ungodly heavy, and we want to make sure there's a place to put it before we haul it down to the basement.

and here is mona sitting by the really bad painting i did of her a few years ago:
she likes to be near things she matches, like the brown and black crocheted blanket we have. she is very color coordinated.

aaaaand here is a sneak peek of a piece i'm working on for my upcoming show in lafayette:
so mysterious ...


Anonymous said...

You have a torty?! So do I. How grand.

Your blog inspires me to bust out my felt again and start hand sewing. I adore your creations...especially your caterpillars and your little mustaches.

Such a cool girl, you are.

jenny elkins said...

I think your new work is GREAT!