Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is time for an update, I see.

This week has been tough so far. I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but Brandon's grandma had been in the hospital since Thanksgiving. She wasn't feeling well, and turned out to have colon cancer. Well on Sunday Brandon and his family went out to visit her, and she didn't seem to be doing so well. Then on Monday we got the news that she had died. Very sad. Brandon was not especially close to her, and I had only been around her a handful of times; but these things are always hard when it is family. Brandon has been spending a lot of time alone which worries me; but yesterday he took a long time to make a little picture-video-music thing to play for her. I guess he needs his grieving time.

in other news, it is snowing a lot today, and since i am at home i find it charming. i also find it funny that the media and drivers are freaking out for 4-5 inches. but i come from ze north where there are 4-5 inches of snow pretty much all winter long, so. i still really hate driving in it, though. the first drive of the year is always the worst, and i took care of that up in south bend. but today was indy's first big snow, so everyone here was FREAKING OUT and i was that driver who was cursing at everyone to stop being pansies. i had to go downtown earlier to meet my illustration group, and traffic was bad enough going home at 2:00. the 5:00 traffic looked insane as i watched it on tv from the comfort of my couch.

i am getting pretty hungry for dinner, but still feeling no desire to cook. i used to cook a few times a week, at least, but now the thought of it just makes me tired.

Monday, January 19, 2009

brandon is awesome, as he spent a large amount of time today constructing a table on which to put my brand "new" 40 year old (at least) table top jig saw that i got from an old man.

here he is being awesome:

i think mostly he just wants to be able to get the saw out of his car, which is where it's been living the past week. it's ungodly heavy, and we want to make sure there's a place to put it before we haul it down to the basement.

and here is mona sitting by the really bad painting i did of her a few years ago:
she likes to be near things she matches, like the brown and black crocheted blanket we have. she is very color coordinated.

aaaaand here is a sneak peek of a piece i'm working on for my upcoming show in lafayette:
so mysterious ...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

you are SO COOL!


Tomorrow is the last day of the BOGO half off sale in my store! Better hurry if you want to get the good deal!


Friday, January 16, 2009

strange things are happening ...

yesterday i had this really weird thing happen to me while at work, which an eye-doctor-friend of mine helped me figure out must have been an ocular migraine. so weird! the weirdest thing is that an ocular migraine doesn't necessarily have any pain involved. so ... migraine with no headache, weird. it was basically this fuzzy spot in the center of my eye that reminded me of when you look at something bright and then look away, and you still have that spot there for a few minutes. well it happened suddenly while i was reading on my break; the book was not a bright object. it wouldn't go away for several minutes, and then started shifting and moving across my eyes to the left. it made it very difficult to see, and thoroughly freaked me out! eventually, after half an hour or so, it went away and everything was back to normal. i've had this happen one other time, 12 years ago when i was in high school. i'm glad my friend helped me to figure out what it probably was, and i'm glad to know i don't have a brain tumor ;)

this morning it was -11 outside, and at that point our furnace had been pretty much running non-stop all night long. not so good because we're very afraid of our electric bill (we have an electric furnace, remember). so today we tried some lovely tricks to keep the warm air in. here is our side door:

we covered it with plastic. you can kind of see in the picture the plastic billowing out from the wind that is coming in the cracks around the door. and on the bottom left corner you can see we taped some fiberglass to a hole where a doorknob is supposed to be.

this lovely thing is our FRONT DOOR. there's no weather stripping at all on this door because it is set crooked in the frame, so if weather stripping is applied you can no longer shut the door ... something we need to fix, obviously. so right now we covered it up with blankets. it's helping a lot already. but isn't it just so pretty??

so far our tricks are helping a bit, we've heard the furnace turn off a couple times already, although it's still working pretty hard. poor thing. our soon to be poor bank account!

right now it is a balmy 3 degrees outside. glad i don't have to go anywhere today ...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

hey! it's my 101th ... 101st ... post today! whoohoo.

today was a long day of work, and i'm glad it's over. i walked there this morning, and i feel good about that because it's exercise, and not using gas. however it was pretty cold this morning!! but i brought along some coffee, which helped. it is a nice way to start the day. i was mostly out alone, and it was snowing, and my boots were squeaky, and somehow arriving somewhere by foot makes me feel a lot more free than arriving there by car. it's like ... i really CAN live my life without that huge machine! the reason i walked is because my little car is sick. it needs some new breaks, and i don't really want to spend the money on them right now, as we don't know when the end of brandon's job hunt will arrive. so far my job at the library has been great. i am really enjoying it. everyone is so nice, and i'm picking everything up very easily (what? alphabetical order? numerical order?). it is nice to have a little job, but still have lots of time off to be home and working. i told brandon that i have a full time job and a half, now, and he has to be the househusband. he made me meat loaf for dinner tonight :D

it's always so weird how when things happen, they happen all at once. today i got two different acceptance emails. one from Pika Land, and one from renegade handmade. i can't tell you how very exciting both of these are! PikaLand is a really neat project (PikaPackages!). every other month or so they put together a package full of handmade objects and artwork into a little bundle, and then sell it as a sort of grab bag. i guess people like to do limited edition items, and it's a really great way for promotion. which i need. as for selling through renegade ... holy crap! i'm not sure if it's only for their online store, or in a physical store somewhere as well, but holy crap again, that is just so awesome to me. In case you don't know, Renegade Handmade Store is an extension of the Renegade Craft Fair that jill and i went to in December in chicago (they also do fairs in brooklyn and san francisco).

also today, my friend bobbi who owns the sleepy hollow store here in irvington saw my little blurb in the paper, so she gave me a whole candice corner with my prints and a copy of the blurb. yipee.

i just love it when things happen. it makes me feel good. sometimes i don't feel too good about my work or my direction, but then all this stuff comes through and it feels great. i'm going to need to get the hang of having a full time art job plus the library job, because i can see horrible time conflicts arising already. winter is supposed to be my downtime, but i think it's going to be pleasantly busy! i am planning on building up a nice stock of stuffies and little wooden animals (i'm picking up my new/old saw this weekend from my parents) to sell at all the artfairs i'm anticipating doing. come on 2009, you have the potential to be awesome already!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


for the book/gallery show i'm working on right now, i've had to do a bit of image research on a couple different bugs: spiders, and cockroaches. i just finished looking up cockroaches, and i had to stop. as i'm getting older, i'm getting more and more squeamish about bugs. just looking at the pictures made me want to shudder, and go thoroughly vacuum. they are freaking me out!! i cannot stand the thought of a spider or cockroach being near me right now, but there probably is one somewhere. well hopefully no cockroaches in here, but most definitely a spider. so gross!!

now, if there was a praying mantis somewhere near me, i'd be really happy. why is there a difference? just social stigma, or because i know i'm not going to accidentally walk through a mantis' web, and that the mantis will probably leave me alone and not crawl on my face when i'm sleeping?

one day when i was emptying out the trash can outside, i noticed a soda can was stuck to the bottom. so i pulled it out, and it kind of resisted. but as i picked it up, apparently i had ripped open a spider egg sack that had been attached to it, and MILLIONS OF BABY SPIDERS RUSHED OUT!! it was so gross, and i screamed into my friend sarah's ear because i was on the phone with her.

but ... one time Randy from United told a story of finding tons of baby praying mantises all over the chair in his living room, and the thought of that makes me want to laugh, and i've thought of making it into a cute little story. not a horror story.

anyway. today is red lobster day! we got a gift certificate for christmas, so we're going and i'm excited. i am always excited for red lobster day, i am weird. my brother deren calls it "red hamster" because apparently one time when he was little, he pointed to the lobster tank at the grocery and said "woah! look at all the hamsters!!" he is also the same brother who pointed to the barrel of peanuts and said "woah! look at all those penises!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1. My uncle once: took me for a ride in his MG, and then it broke down. my dad had to come rescue us.

2. Never in my life: have i eaten at white castle.

3. When I was five: i had a birthday party and was so embarrassed that people were singing happy birthday to me, that i hid my face in my hands. I think that also might have been the year i forgot my birthday was the next day, and i was telling my babysitter how awesome it would be "if my birthday was tomorrow." and then it was, WOAH!

4. High school was: really annoying, but i guess tolerable for the most part. it got better as i got older.

5. I will never forget: well apparently i forgot as i can think of nothing to put here.

6. Once I met: the teenage mutant ninja turtles.

7. There’s this girl I know: who is really awesome. is it you???

8. Once, at a bar: i had a beer? oh wait, once i saw a coke dealer. downtown. he wuz crazee.

9. By noon, I’m usually: starving for lunch.

10. Last night: I got groceries

11. If only I had: millions of dollars. we have specific plans for that money. i will start buying lottery tickets.

12. Next time I go to church: i'll be with my parents.

13. What worries me most: money. as in not having enough of it. me and the rest of the "middle class."

14. When I turn my head left I see: my sewing machine, and my yummy box of cheez-its that make me feel better.

15. When I turn my head right I see: an embarrassing number of cups and bottles that i'm apparently too lazy to bring to the kitchen.

16. You know I’m lying when: i don't know.

17. What I miss most about the Eighties is: OATMEAL SWIRLERS, OH MY GOD!!

18. If I were a character in Shakespeare I’d be: Balthasar. because that was the coolest name on the "List of Shakespearean Characters."

19. By this time next year: it will be 2010. i expect things to be relatively similar to the way they are now, hopefully more people in my family will have jobs, come ON mona, get a job already! cat food does not grow on trees!

20. If I ever go back to school, I’ll: get a masters in illustration. although i don't really feel like doing that.

Alrighty – it’s your turn!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i was in the Indy Star today because my store was featured. that's pretty awesome; however, the way the reporter wrote it up it sounds like all i make are cat illustrations ... i know all press is good press, or something, but i don't want people who may not like cats to not go to my store. that is not all i do! but anyway ... it's still cool.