Wednesday, December 23, 2009

coins and sweepers web

this drawing is for a friend whose father used to have a recurring dream when he was younger. he would be in the Murphy's Department Store, and would see random piles of coins on the floor. Just as he would bend down to get them, ladies with sweepers for feet would zoom by, sweeping them up. so silly!

coins and sweepers thumb

happy holidays, everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

dogs web

two pups, a portrait for a friend from work. the doggy on the right has gone off to heaven, and she wanted a nice reminder of them playing together for her family.

now i am down to one portrait before the holidays, and won't have any more to think about until january. yah! perhaps during my christmas break i'll be able to finish painting the storm windows, and other practical things around the house that i always think i'll get around to someday.

the christmas shopping is finished up, and only have a few things to make before christmas eve. I went to the winter farmers market today and got this AMAZING cheese dip (two full containers!) to bring to our two family Christmases, from a place called Country Mouse City Mouse. It's cream-cheesy and horseradishy, and so delish! I almost can't keep myself out of the fridge, away from devouring it ... one of my families won't know that the other got a nice package of cheese, I can just eat one all by myself, right?

Last night Brandon and I went to the holiday party for the library where I work, and a coworker asked me what my goal is in life. I think he is either afraid that I won't want to shelve books forever, or afraid that maybe i will. But it was a funny question for me, because for a long time my goal in life has been to have my drawings in a children's picture book. And now I've done that. But I don't consider myself done, I would like to keep working. But working towards what? What is my new goal? I guess I sort of don't know. I would like to make more books, perhaps write my own book. I would like to get famous, but is that a realistic goal? Not really. So I guess if I'm going to have a New Year's resolution this year, it will be to figure out my new goal.

I'm hoping this new year will bring lots of good things. I have two major "situations" that I hope will come together in a way that I like, and the way that is best. I have 1 gallery show scheduled, and 2 more tentatively scheduled. I have a big trip to the Big Apple to stay with friends and attend the SCBWI conference. It looks like it's going to be pretty good, right?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am bad at getting up at a reasonable hour. Reasonable, for me, is around 7. I like getting up early. I love the feel of the morning, and it feels like I get way more done. I'm usually much more lazy in the evening time, so if I get up early, and go to bed early, I avoid a lot of unnecessary slacking. Alas, the winter is making me want to hibernate. I'm not getting up till 8 (on a library work day) or later (on my art work day). Today is a library work day. I am slacking so much that I'm not even going to shower! Take that, world! Actually I'm not taking a shower because I think my hair might look better that way? I got a slightly bad haircut the other day. I've had cuts that were too short, weren't exactly what I was expecting, decided I didn't like bangs. But this hair cut ... it's a BAD haircut. The lady did a bad job. I have a huge chunk on the left side of my head, but not the right. Come on, at least give me symmetrical chunks! Also the layers in the back aren't even at all, there's super long next to super short. It's just terrible. I spent yesterday at work wishing I could put books over my head so no one would see it. I'm going to see about getting the place to fix it for free, however I'm now afraid they will make it even worse. Gah!

Ok enough stalling. Time to get ready for work.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't believe this weekend is over already. It was supposed to feel super long and amazing because I had 3 whole days off with which to do whatever I wanted. No shows, no fixing things on my house. Just hanging out and working on getting last minute art projects done. But now here it is, Sunday night once again. sigh.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I know I read that book when I was a kid, but I can't remember at all what it was about. So I have no idea if it followed the story faithfully or anything like that, but I must say I thought it was a great movie. I just loved the feel of it. The shots and odd perspective were amazing. It made us laugh out loud. It was about foxes. It had pretty much everything I could have hoped for, and the minute it comes out on DVD it shall be mine.

Between fun stuff, procrastinating yet again on painting the storm windows, and getting art projects done, I decided to teach myself how to make a purse with a zipper. I have a couple sewing books from the library and both of them have pretty extensive instructions on how to do this, yet no pictures showing the steps. So I would read them feeling like I was reading a foreign language. They just made no sense in my head at all. So I looked up a couple youtube videos that showed how to do it, and again I just wasn't able to really SEE what was going on. So I just cut out some fabric and started pinning things together, and through trial and error it finally just made sense. So here is my first attempt:

Photo 88

Photo 89

The only problem I can see is that the lining fabric is a bit too close to the zipper, and gets a little caught. So over time it will probably get worn and frayed. But next time it shall be perfect!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Become a fan of Cordial Kitten by tomorrow morning at 10am (est) to be in a drawing for this baby cat-erpillar!

I've been feeling particularly christmasy this year. Brandon and I went to see the Russian Ballet perform the Nutcracker last Sunday; Tuesday I went to the Christmas neighborhood celebration at the Children's Museum. I made cookies. Today I finally put up the tree, and watched A Christmas Story. Tonight I will sit under the christmas lights and drink Kahlua. That's christmasy, right? Rich and tasty.

This morning my pal Amanda and I went to the Indy Winter Farmers Market. The place was jam packed, and I'm already excited to go back next weekend. I bought 2 black bean and goat cheese tamales, and some fancy loose tea. I want to spend more time alone perusing the cheeses, gourdes, beautiful wooden cutting boards, ethnic cuisine, and sweets. After that we checked out the Alternative Gift Fair at the Earth House, and rounded out the day with a trip to a new bakery in our neighborhood specializing in cinnamon rolls. I told Brandon I will be gaining 15 pounds this holiday. He said he supposes he's ok with that.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last night was my last show of the year. Thank god! Not that I don't love the opportunity to do shows. I really do love the idea that I make things and people buy them, which is something I've wanted to do since the 3rd grade (I remember making my own catalog of jewelry I could make, mostly friendship bracelets). But it will be really nice to have a "break" and concentrate more on my etsy shop, my illustration biz, and things around the house like finally painting those storm windows (they are all currently sitting in my dining room waiting for paint and glazing ... needless to say our house is even colder than it should be right now).

So next week after finishing up a huge cat-erpillar order, I will be working on some personal portrait commissions for the holidays. Here is a sneak peek of one:
From the family of bears series.

Last night my friend Sally and her boyfriend Mark stayed over, and we're going to run around the city and play today, which will be great fun. Hope you are having a great weekend, too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posting has been slipping my mind. You'd think keeping up on the blogs I read would remind me to update my own, but no. I also have several saved drafts to post from weeks ago. Should I just go ahead and post them even though they are no longer in chronological order? I guess.

Well here is today. Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we shall be joining Brandon's parents for lovely food, and one of my favorite things: mashed potatoes. The day after Thanksgiving is, as I'm sure you know, "Black Friday." I am avoiding black friday. I never go out shopping on that day, it sounds like torture to me. I despise crowds and waiting in lines, and that's pretty much black friday in a nut shell. I'm pretty sure the only time I ever ventured out on black friday was the year Toy Story came out. My family was in Indianapolis visiting my cousins, and we all went to see the movie the day after Thanksgiving, and then walked around the new Circle Center Mall. That was 14 years ago. My god.

That being said ... I am definitely having a "black friday - cyber monday" sale in my etsy shop. So, if you live in the good ol' U.S., make a purchase between 11/27-11/30 and you'll get free shipping on any purchase (free shipping = refund through paypal after you've made your payment).

Oh and in case you are unsure as to whether or not you want to spend your hard earned money in my shop, just take a look at this guy:


He would love to live with you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

be careful with knives, kids

i'm going to give you some very useful advice. do not try to hurry when using an exacto knife. do not turn your attention away for even a fraction of a second. if you do, you will slice off the side of your finger and end up having a very painful afternoon. and maybe you only have rubbing alcohol in the house, and no peroxide, so you have to use that to clean the cut, and it burns like you never imagined anything could. and when you go back to the job of cutting an hour later, trying to psych yourself up for it, mustering up as much mental concentration as possible, you find that side tip of your finger laying there, like something out of a horror movie.

please learn this lesson from me.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

i started this post weeks ago and am finally finishing and posting it

I am finally sitting down to write the post about my Adventures in Book Signing.

candice and elizabeth
Here is me with Elizabeth Shreeve, the author of Oliver at the Window. She is such a nice wonderful person, and I'm so glad I got to meet her! We spent some time wandering around the Indianapolis Museum of Art one day, and I really felt like I had known her for a long time, and that we were old friends catching up.

Last Thursday we went to the Day Nursery at Ft. Harrison. Elizabeth spent some time talking to the kids about her inspiration for the book, and then talked about how she wrote it. She taught them how to come up with the key elements of a story. What do you need? Characters who have a problem, and who then find a solution. The kids came up with some really fun stuff, including a princess and a dinosaur whose pet spider went outside the gate and got lost and they had to find him again, and a bear who was terrorizing a snail and a lion, so they had to chase him off to Colorado.

The next day we went to the International School to visit the 2nd graders. They were great! We had a bit of a slide presentation, read the story, and then I showed them how to draw some characters from the book. They were super excited to see me draw things before their eyes, and even though they were about 7 years old it was a good feeling to have so many people say "wow! you're good at drawing!"

That, in a nut shell, was my first school visit adventure. We also did a couple signings at some independent book stores in Indianapolis (Mudsock Books and Kids Ink). By the end of the week I was exhausted, but glad to have learned so much from Elizabeth. I would have been a nervous wreck without her! Maybe now in the future it will be easier for me to get up in front of large groups of children.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

tonight some friends of ours are getting married. i'm very excited for them! it's been a long time coming, and they will be very happy together.

here is the drawing i made for their card:

marc and kathy hedgehog

fall is in full swing around here. today i got blisters on my hands from raking leaves, and i think i'm working on a sore shoulder. fun. but the good news is that i find pretty things on my way home from work.

berry branch

and here is a picture of mona for good measure, in her new bedroom (where my studio used to be).
monas room
i frequently find her in there taking a little nap. so cute.

i will update again soon to tell you about all my exciting school visits and book signings from this past week. have a wonderful saturday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy belated Halloween.


I forgot to tell you that I had sleep paralysis 3 times last month. Weird, huh? All three times it was the same, so by the last time it didn't scare me any more. But the first time, man. What happened was I "woke up" and heard people walking around in the house. Someone was either going to rob us, or hurt me. But I couldn't get up. My eyes were open, but no matter what I did I couldn't get up. When I finally actually woke up, I realized no one was really there, but every single hair on my body was standing up straight and I had goosebumps everywhere. It had felt so real! But yeah, by time #3 I knew no one was actually there, but it was still very frustrating that I couldn't get up. Such a weird feeling! Brandon said he's had this happen a few times, too. One time he fell asleep on his parents couch and "woke up" to find a dead body on their coffee table. Heh!

Now onto the pictures.

Here is a better image of the beautiful glowing tree out front:

Then later it threw up on brandon's car.


Now the tree is all bare. I suppose it's time to rake.

Here is part of my new beloved studio:


And finally, the best costume I saw at the Irvington Halloween Festival last saturday:
it's bender!

This week I will be doing my very first book signings with the author of Oliver at the Window, Elizabeth Shreeve. I am very nervous! Not so much nervous for the signings, but for the school presentation. Yikes!

See you later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

yesterday brandon and i finally went to see Where the Wild Things Are. He wasn't sure he liked it, but I enjoyed it a lot. However, I spent the majority of the movie wanting to cry ... as I get older I'm becoming one of those women who cries at Hallmark commercials, so you can imagine what happens during a movie with a lonely little boy who makes up sad stories and is quite unhappy and angry.

The past couple of days have been really beautiful, weather wise. The trees all around us are turning to gold, and it's amazing when you walk underneath one of them and the light filtering though seems to change the whole atmosphere. Here is the one in our front yard:


I didn't capture the amazing light. But it's still pretty.

Next saturday (halloween!) is a mini INDIEana Handicraft Exchange event at the Halloween Festival in Irvington. Come on our if you can! The festival is a huge event that shuts down US 40, and they're on their 63rd year, so you know they must be doing something right. See you there!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I have things to do, but I do not want to do things. I worked at the library all day, and now i just want to veg. i should be picking from:
scanning an image;
matting said image;
finishing a painting;
sewing cat-erpillars to send to the Renegade store;
bringing more things up to my studio.

instead i suppose i am mentally preparing myself for having to go get my tires rotated and checked tomorrow. it's a little overdue ... my signature from the paperwork from the last time i was there is just "candice hartsough." no mcdonald. uh oh. i'm hoping they're not like "oh well you just need 4 new tires, sorry."

here is a picture of me pretending to work last night:


A friend is applying for a grant for a *secret* project, and needed pictures of crafty people working in their studios. and hooray, since i'm halfway between old studio and new studio, we went up to the new one for the photo shoot. fingers crossed she gets the grant, because if she does, some amazing things will be happening soon. i'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

brandon and i are both home sick from work today. and we have different ailments. i hope we don't cross contaminate each other. i really hate calling into work, i always feel bad. i can't tell if i just have a headache that is causing a stomach thing (which happens to me occasionally), or if it's something worse. i don't have any body aches or fever, so i'm thinking it's not the flu, thank god. brandon is reporting a sore throat and cough. no fever either. hopefully this day of rest will bring us back up to speed by tomorrow.

i must admit that it is fun to have a lazy snuggle with blankets watching court tv day, even though i feel a bit miserable.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

remember this?


Well a fellow Indianapolis artist, silastones, saw my entry and made me this amazing present:


isn't it wonderful?! I was so excited to come home this evening and find it in my mail box.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Moments ago I uploaded my newly updated website! Check it out!


I would appreciate it if you let me know if you find any broken links or any other funny business. I don't think there are any, but I suppose it's possible for me to make a mistake.

I am proud to say I built the whole thing by myself! I read, oh, perhaps just the first page of a CSS book, and after my mind became scrambled I just dove in with my prior html knowledge and Dreamweaver. It may not be fancy or perfect, but at least I tried.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hello, all!

I am back from the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange! It was a fun day and a half, as always. I met some pretty awesome people, and saw lots of familiar faces (and I'll bet I didn't remember your names ... I only remember names after about the 30th meeting. Sorry!). One of my favorite things about doing fairs such as this one is the trading, which I am getting braver about instigating. Here are two great trades I made yesterday:


This pendant was made by Once Lost. I had the honor of having my booth right next to Michelle, the maker of these wonderful pieces. She uses things like antique watch parts to make beautiful steam punk type jewelry. I was proud to wear my piece today! Michelle also had the cutest baby boy. I kept stealing glances at him, and saw him do fun baby things, such as dancing to the loud music playing.


These earrings were made by Courtney Fischer. They are antiqued brass filigree that she painted turquoise. So pretty, and so light! I hate when earrings hang heavy in my ears.

I also traded for some yummy treats from The Hot Cookie. Lemon tarragon= love

So after the weekend's festivities, I'm taking it a bit easy today. I've been working on my website some, but we took the afternoon off to go to the Riley Days festival in Greenfield, and then went to see the movie Zombieland ... which I highly recommend, by the way. Brandon and I typically go to every zombie movie that comes out (because he loves them so, and i just like to tag along), but this one was actually a comedy, and we laughed out loud plenty of times!

Friday, October 2, 2009

today i am going to be very busy, because tonight is the handicraft exchange. i have to clean the house, finish some stuffed animals (i may not have the new hybrids to sell this weekend after all, unless i can get these guys done), prep and freeze garden green beans (i always put that off ... it must be done today!!), and hopefully leave the house by 2:30. i'm not actually supposed to be there till 3:30, but i want to make sure to get a good place to park! and also if i'm awesome early, i can help with the set up of the event, which will probably be appreciated.

but despite all that, i decided that i need a hair cut. today. i cannot wait another day, it must be done today. it is weird, because my hair will grow, and i'll think "it's cool, no worries. it's growing, whatever." and then suddenly i'll be like "OH NO IT'S TOO LONG IT HAS TO BE SHORTERRR!" and also, i always feel more confident right after a hair cut (that is, until i discover that maybe it was cut too short, why won't it groooww?), and confidence will be good for tonight's event.

so, come on out, if you can! hopefully i will be there with shorter hairs, and not still trying to get my house cleaned.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today is me and Brandon's (Brandon and I's) second wedding anniversary. Can't believe it's been that long already! I wonder if the rest of our lives will go this quickly. Probably.

Brandon took the day off, and this afternoon we went to the apple orchard. Here we are in the orchard, making faces:


Here we are 3 years ago at the same orchard, also making faces:

apple orchard

We don't often take pictures without making faces.

Also, please note that in both pictures Brandon is wearing the same jacket. And I almost picked out the same jacket to wear as well. That would have been really weird.

We saw a tree growing inside another tree:


In the orchard shop, I pounced on this jar:


It shall be mine, and it is.

Tonight we went to a fancy dinner at a place called Barcelona Tapas, which I've been wanting to go to for a very long time. It wasn't really as expensive as I had feared, and it was delicious. You pick from perfect Candice and Brandon sized portions that you share with each other, and for dessert we had a plate of figs, dates, almonds, walnuts, oranges, and apples. How rare for a dessert in America to not be smothered in chocolate.

Here is a sneak peak of one of my new cat hybrids that will be appearing at the INDIEanna Handicraft Exchange this weekend:


There will be two other new ones there, as well as the cat-erpillars you are used to. Hopefully this winter I will continue to develop new hybrids, including some involving dogs, and other such exotic animals.

Friday, September 25, 2009

nothing much is new. here is something i did this afternoon for illustration friday. haven't done one of these in ages.


The word is "pattern."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

grasshopper close up
Hello, everyone. We entertained this house guest the other night. I had to kick him out.

Yesterday was the Fountain Square Art Fair. Sally and I really enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful day. We didn't even mind that it was windy, because even though everyone else's tents were threatening to blow away, ours was all secured by large cinder blocks! Hooray! Two people tried to take the tent down singlehandedly, though: one man tripped and one baby walked into one of the legs of the tent. Watch where you are going, people! Especially you, baby! Just kidding. It happens. I unfortunately do not have any pictures to show you of the event because I forgot my camera. How lame of me. We had some good picture opportunities, too. Especially later in the evening when the event was over. The sun was starting to go down and the light was just beautiful. It made all the buildings look dreamy.

Instead, I will show you this:

silly mona

Never mind scary glowing flash-induced cat eyes. Focus on the smallest box ever. What is wrong with cats?

Monday, September 14, 2009

So, Allison and I are back from Renegade! It was a great fun time for all, and I'm so glad I had a chance to participate! But I can't even describe to you how glad I am to be home, and how lovely it feels to have spent the last 3 hours eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and browsing the internet. A day of rest. I feel quite slothful, but can afford a day or two of lounging before I get back into the swing of things.

Here is the run down. We got to stay with Allison's amazing friends Matt and Jamie. They live in a beautiful apartment only about a mile or so away from the fair, which was quite convenient. We learned how to parallel park in a spot that had literally only 3 inches to spare on either end in front of their place. They spoiled us with a Spanish style breakfast on the second day: a delicious egg dish somewhere between an omelet and a quiche, toasted tomato bread with olive oil, and bacon. Thank you so much for your hospitality, if you ever read this!

Here is the long line of booths beside ours:

Our Renegade Booth

When we first arrived it was so hectic. We were part of the last group to unload since our booth was at the end. Allison had to drive around looking for a place to park while I started setting everything up. Soon everything fell into place and we settled in for two long days of smiles plastered onto our faces.

Our booth pretty much looked like this all day:

Our Renegade Booth

Here is my lovely table:
Our Renegade Booth

And Allison's beautiful jewelry:
Our Renegade Booth

And some super cute bulldogs:
Our Renegade Booth

We saw so many cute dogs and adorable babies. A dog and baby neighborhood.

I felt honored to meet Sue Daly who is the organizer of the Renegade Craft Fair. She specifically said she wants more cat-erpillars to sell in their store front as soon as I can get 'em to her. Who knew that a cat hybrid would be so popular? Here they are in their very appropriate cardboard box display:
Our Renegade Booth

We were both seriously dreading the time to pack up and go home. We imagined over 300 cars trying to jam their way down Division street, and hours spent trying to get out after our car was loaded up. But when 7:00 arrived and most of the vendors kept trying to sell, we started breaking everything down. We had a neat little pile by 7:30, and Allison went to get the car to wait in the "line" we imagined (cars weren't allowed onto the street until 8). But by some huge miracle, she ended up being the 2nd car in line! We threw everything in like a perfectly fitting puzzle, and were on the road by 8:15! Amazing.

Here is the skyway on the way home:
Our Renegade Booth

Goodbye, Chicago! It was fun.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tick Tock ...

The countdown is on! In less than 24 hours I will be awake too early, nervously awaiting our jaunt across Chicago to set up our tent at the Renegade Craft Fair. I didn't get everything done that I had hoped, but I think I had my standards set a little high. If you come out to find me, here are some things you will see:

My new necklace packaging.
new packaging

The very popular "monocle cat."

Here are all the cats in a pile.

In about 8 hours I will be leaving home to make the trip. Wish us luck!

Oh and here is something I wish I could wear all the time:

I sadly had to give it to the compost bin.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I just enjoyed a lovely breakfast of multi-grain cheerios. drank out the milk left over, and let mona lick the bottom of the bowl since she was begging so much for it. I stretched, and turned to look out the window and saw this:


It's starting. This year has gone so fast. In real life those leaves are bright red and shining in the sun ... something gets lost when you zoom through a window.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i'm afraid i'm going to get the h1n1 crap. i so rarely get sick (yay, immune system), but because of all the hype, and my job this year, i have a feeling it might hit me. i think the last time i had the flu was over 3 years ago, back when Brandon and I were still dating. I was at his parent's house, and his mom took my temperature. Kind of funny to think about now. I remember I still had to go into work that afternoon because I was the only manager that could do it. Hooray, retail. That one was sarcastic.

Here is what I've been working on today:


I had to stop before I wanted to because my wrist was hurting really bad from cutting out the paper. But there is always tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day after that to work. It somehow worked out that between now and Renegade, I only work one day at the library. How fortunate for my sanity!

Here is one of our watermelons:


It was the reddest watermelon I've ever seen, I think. Not much of that light/white color near the rind. And so delicious! Too bad it was so tiny.

And finally, what are these guys doing?


At first I thought they were doing it, but Brandon questioned it because don't they only do it with the queen? Any ideas?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello, everyone. It's me.

About a week and a half remain until the Renegade Craft fair in Chicago. Wish I could hire someone to do my stitchin'. Not sure how I'll get everything done in time. Hopefully, with the long weekend, it will be a breeze.

Sunday a friend of mine from high school is hosting a *reunion* of sorts in South Bend, and I would really love to go, but just don't know if I will have the time. I'm wrestling between knowing life is short and all that and I should visit my pals when the chance arises, and the thought that if I drive to South Bend and take an entire day off that my sanity will be at stake. What to do?

Here is a blurry pic of our tent at the Feast of Lanterns yesterday:


It was a beautiful day. such wonderful fall-like weather. if this is what global warming gives us, I will take it. Sorry polar bears. The Feast of Lanterns is such a weird event for me, as a vendor. It begins around noon, and usually we sit there for many many hours before anyone is even ready to start buying things. Sort of hard to trudge through, but since it was so nice out I was just glad to be outside. The thing that always worries me the most is that it is not over until 11pm. The park where it's held is not in the MOST stellar neighborhood ever, although it is trying. But even if it was in the safest place in the world, I would still not feel safe packing up my car at midnight. I am a very paranoid person, and expect a robber or kidnapper to appear behind every corner. Sally and I tried to pack up as quickly as possible. It still took about an hour to get everything ready to go. On one of my trips to the car, I heard some arguing in the house across the street from my car ... and later on a woman involved in the fight approached us and asked us for a ride to the battered woman's shelter where she lives ... so i was wondering why she left the battered woman's shelter to visit the man who hits her and steals her money. I told her to go tell a cop she was robbed, but she didn't want to. Sort of sketchy. Neither one of us had room for her in our cars anyway. So, I'm really sorry, lady.

This morning I enjoyed my coffee in my brand new Sadly Harmless mug that I love.


And then in the afternoon I learned how to do needle felting with the Indianapolis Craft Mafia. Very fun and stabby!

Time for bed!