Sunday, September 28, 2008

last week we got a bunch of tiny mums. now they are trying to bloom!



yesterday was the fountain square art fair. it was an ok kind of day. the night before i had slept terribly; went to bed too late, then mona woke me up and i couldn't go back to sleep for an hour, then i had to wake up really early. so ... a full day outside on 5 hours of sleep! hooray! i guess everyone was having crap sales. thanks, economy! my friend mike won a prize in his category for the masterpiece in a day competition, so that was exciting. the weather was really nice, although it was pretty windy, and our tent kept trying to take off!

i made a new standy-upy thing for the back row of prints:

fountain square art fair
it worked well although it was kind of like a sail.

fountain square art fair
these are my new necklaces. i think they went over well. hopefully i'll have a ton more for this weekend's handicraft exchange.

time for food and card making!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm going to try to start tagging my entries ... we'll see how long that lasts.

mona keeps being bad, and it's annoying me. she keeps scratching the rug, which is SO BAD. i need to get that stuff that cats find to be stinky, ie, cat repellent. hopefully it won't be stinky for me. i should also get her a new cardboard scratching thing. she was being awesome about only scratching there, but now she's being a little jerk, so maybe she needs a new one that is cat-nippier and not all worn down. somehow i got her trained to never jump up on the kitchen counters, but any other thing i try to get her to not do, she will not listen. right now she is tearing around the house yowling her head off!


here she is thinking about how much she'd rather scratch the rug than the stupid cardboard thingy.

well, it is time for christmasy themed things once again at the little lutheran. this one was kind of similar to the one i did last year:

sheep 1 web

sheep 2 web

gouache and graphite. the massive amount of sheep is my favorite!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i found THE COOLEST owl today at the D.A.V.


apparently it's from japan

not much has been happening lately. brandon and i took a pretend vacation to downtown, where we used a gift certificate to stay in a suite at the Hilton. the room was bigger than our old apartment, and it had two full bathrooms! i couldn't believe it. it was also big enough to do a cartwheel, i know this from experience. we went to celebrate our first anniversary, which is on monday. we've been telling people that we are under warranty, but soon the warranty will be expired.

today i'm finishing up some drawings, and after that i'll be preparing for upcoming fairs. make sure you come out to see me, i'm going to have many new things! at the end of october, i'm going to start listing some of these new things in my etsy shop, in case people don't get a chance to visit me in person.

time for workin'!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I just had a UPS adventure.

I went to The UPS Store which was only a couple miles from our house. I thought I was all set, till I found out I couldn't use the customer account number unless I either went to the main UPS site, which is on the west side, or I could go home and fill out the stuff on my computer and print it out and take it back to that one. I didn't think to ask if I could just use the internet there, so I ended up back at home. Where I found in order to fill out the online paperwork, I would need to know the weight of my package. Which I had no way of knowing. So I ended up having to go to the main branch after all. And of course, there was major road construction right in front of where I was going, and I ended up having to turn around twice in order to get into where I needed to go. So frustrating! But, it is finally off once again, hopefully going to where it needs to go this time. Man.

Here is my dining room, difference of only an hour or so:

dining room lighting

the colors changed so much! The real color looks more like the picture on the left, but the sun just made it look so golden. Also on the left, please note how badly I need to mop the floor. Stinkin' dust everywhere! That dust is from having to sand the walls before we painted, and it's been trapped underneath a plastic drop cloth till I just removed it yesterday.

Friday, September 5, 2008


come to this tonight, if'n you can.

written by my friend Jen:

"A friendly shout out to my peeps...I'd love to see you! Spread the word, share the love!

Just a reminder that it's First Friday at the Harrison, and it's an open studio night as well!
Info on what's going on in the galleries

Friday, September 5
Open House 6-10 PM
Harrison Center for the Arts
1505 N Delaware

Swing by Pete Gall's basement studio to see new work by yours truly & fabulous illustrations by the ever-talented Candice Hartsough McDonald. The studio will also debut photos by Daniel Burroughs. For those new to the Harrison, don't be shy to ask where Pete's studio is located. It's a bit of a labyrinth in the building : )

To Pete's Studio: If you're coming in from the parking lot, go to the entrance which is closest to 16th Street. Take the handicap ramp down to the basement entrance. You will walk into Hank & Dolly's Gallery, take a right and then another right & you will find me & many visual treats."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9-2-08 color

sometimes a little doesn't go a long enough way.