Sunday, December 14, 2008

the way i am ...

there are a few more things in my shop since yesterday, so go look! only a limited amount of time to buy before christmas!!

i am having A LOT of trouble staying organized lately. it seems even worse than normal. usually a "clean streak" lasts for at least a few days, maybe an entire week ... during a clean streak i will ALWAYS put clothes away instead of throwing them on the floor, and i will take every dish into the kitchen and wash it immediately, i will make the bed as soon as brandon gets out of it, i will sweep almost every day, etc. then it will slowly disintegrate into my normal slobbiness (firefox wants me to change "slobbiness" into "flabbinesses). But lately it just all turns to crap immediately, even when i just spent an entire afternoon/evening cleaning. i turn around and it's a mess again. i don't know what is happening!! i think in an attempt to show me what i make him put up with, brandon has intentionally spread out almost an entire newspaper all over the living room floor, and WILL NOT clean it up ... a taste of my own medicine? or just laziness that i'm reading too much into? hey, i don't leave stuff around that bad in the public areas of our home. just my studio:


and this is but a small sample of the mess. this is an area that makes sense to be messy, because it's the project i am currently working on (two new cat-erpillars!). the rest of the room is cluttered with completely unnecessary items perched in precarious piles that easily tip over onto drawings i put on the floor which ultimately end up getting crumpled ...

i need to show my room more respect, but how do i learn to recognize clutter when it's in front of me? i have a high tolerance for clutter, and i need to figure out how to lower it. even though i "tolerate" the clutter, deep inside it gives me an agitated feeling. i need to access that agitation more often, because it will force me to pick up.

what do you do to stay organized? is it just something you have to be born with, or can i learn the secret?

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