Thursday, December 11, 2008


owl on branch pin

i made this tonight for brandon's aunt, at her request. it matches the owl in the picture i made for the favors at our wedding. i hope she likes this pin, she seems to be very excited about it.

also i realized i never showed you my new hairs:
this is it all blow dried after getting it cut on monday. when i let it air dry it's a lot more flippy, which i like better. but there it is. hair. after seeing this picture, i realized it looks sort of like my mom's hair cut, and she confirmed it. heh. i am my mom!

in case you are in shock that i cut my hair, please do not be. after all, this girl used to exist:
candice in grave yard

it was just growing out too too much. i've been pondering it for weeks. done! i was so nervous sitting in the chair, though. i kept having to take lots of deep breaths, trying to reassure myself that it's only hair, after all.

enough about hair. now onto the food. tomorrow i'm going to santorini's with my parents, and i'm SO PSYCHED. just thinking of spanakopita makes my mouth water so much. yum!

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jenny said...

cute HAIR! Love it really short too! But I love short hairs. cute PIN!