Monday, December 15, 2008

sew much sewing

two new cat-erpillars:
"'Bears' Cat-erpillar: His mother was a cat, and his father was a caterpillar (who really loved watching the Bears play football). 'Bears' Cat-erpillar loves snuggling, playing football, and convincing people that he deserves to have just one more kitty treat."

queen cat-erpillar, commission.
"Queen Cat-erpillar: Her mother was a cat, and her father was a caterpillar (she also has distant relations to a unicorn or two). She rules over the kingdom of Cat-erpillars, where she and the other cat-erpillars have gone to escape persecution over their 5th leg. She loves snuggling, canned chicken and fish dinner, and playing with fuzzy catnip filled cat toys."

"Bears" Cat-erpillar has his own detached football! The little boy it's for really likes the Bears. Queen cat-erpillar is related to unicorns because when i made her crown, i kind of did it wrong, and it looks like it's growing out of her head instead of sitting on it, lol.

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