Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new years eve ... i keep forgetting that's today.

i was trying to find a new years meme to help me sum up 2008, but they are all lame. i don't really want to pick a song that will remind me of 2008. really i would just pick the song i last heard that i kind of liked because that was the only one i could think of, and who really cares about that? not even me. so.

2008 was a good year. nothing overwhelmingly bad happened; the worst thing is brandon getting laid off, and i can deal with that. and technically, that just happened today. i went the longest i've gone in awhile with not having a day job to go to, and although it was really awesome in some ways, i also realized that i work a little better when i have more structure. i've always kind of known that, but now i am yielding to it. i've done more art this year than i ever have before, i think. i did two gallery shows completely from scratch, lots of custom work, lots of "art in the park" things, and finished illustrating my first children's book. we bought a house, moved into the house, and are renovating it. i met a whole lot of people this year, which is a new thing for me. i think moving to irvington was one of the best things we've ever done, if only for the meeting new people thing alone.

i have high hopes for 2009. we will have a new president that will hopefully continue to raise people's spirits. i will have my new library job (i start on saturday!). brandon will get a new job and hopefully be much happier and more secure. i'm going to redecorate and move into my new studio as soon as i buy a heater fan. the craft mafia my friends and i have started will take off and be a huge success, and lots of friendships will come from it. i will continue to get my hair cut regularly (heh!). i will take mona to the vet, because she really needs a check up. brandon and i are going to have one day a week that is "brandon & candice day" because we don't do that kind of stuff any more because we are lazy; we need to get over that!!

business goals are to do at least 4 mailings a year. have one gallery show in february, and i think one in april. the work for the galleries will be work i'll begin submitting as a children's book, the first i will have written and illustrated by myself. it would be nice to find someone who wants to put it out, but if i could at least get it all together and started, that will be good enough for me! find more "art in the park" shows, create more inventory, sell more cat-erpillars!!

that is the end. i think it's time to go make some new year's chili. have happy ones!!!

my headline on facebook is my favorite. Candice Hartsough McDonald is grossed out by puke and hairballs laying around!! why aren't hairballs as lucrative in real life as they were in ren and stimpy?

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