Monday, December 8, 2008

i'm trying to teach myself to like black coffee. it works mostly if the coffee is really hot ... if it starts to get cold, i start to get grossed out. making my own coffee every morning is cheaper than going out; but if i cut out all the cream and sugar, it'd be an even better deal. also, today i was out of cream, and sometimes coffee with sugar alone is just as nasty as black. so here we are.

on friday i was brave and drove all alone up to chesterton, IN to meet up with my friend Jill who lives there. in the morning we took the (hour late) train into chicago for the day.

"i can see it! i can see it!"

it was quite quite cold when we arrived. we went into the Chicago Cultural Center for a moment, and while in there Angela called from lala gallery to negotiate a possible sale on a drawing (which totally went down later!). while on the phone, nodding and saying "mmhmm, mmhmm," i unconsciously followed jill into a little gallery area where i got rudely asked to get off the phone by a security guard ... who was way more irritating and interrupting of the peace that my "mmhmm's." i felt bad to be the cell phone-bad-guy, because i am very rarely that person.

our main intention for chicago was to go to the renegade craft fair.
it was sort of miserable for us. if we hadn't been so excited to be there, we wouldn't have stayed as long as we did. since we were thoroughly prepared for an extremely cold chicago day (layered shirts, wool sweater, long johns, coats, multiple pairs of socks, etc), we ended up getting ungodly hot in there. people were everywhere, you could barely move. i got a dirty look for being too close to someone, apparently, even though, hello, what else was i supposed to do? carrying my large and cumbersome coat was no fun, and i kept thinking i would knock over someone's display ... ick. we bought a couple things (including this awesome zombie plate!) and then got the heck out of there!

after braving more deathly/icy chicago winds, and enjoying a nice dinner at the Earwax Cafe (sounds gross, right?), we went into Quimby's for the main reason of using their old fashioned photo booth:
(we're cold)

(we're gangstas)

(we're mean to each other; but then just start laughing)

(actually, we're quite nice)

and because 8 photo booth pictures weren't enough, we continued to take more with our own camera:

a quick trip to utilize a buy-one-get-one-free-coffee-coupon at borders later, we were back on the train home. it was a whirlwind, but fun!

now it is back to my regularly scheduled life. i will be waiting near my phone in case the library tells me i got the new part-time job. then life will be weird again.

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julie said...

the south shore is the best, isn't it? what a fun adventure. i covet thy zombie plate and may order a skull one.