Monday, December 29, 2008


i made this real quick for a holiday exchange tomorrow with my illustration group.

here is a detail:

today is brandon's first day of being unemployed. it is strange that he is down in the basement right now instead of far away.

i went upstairs yesterday to put away some paper in my flat files, and now i have this itch to make the upstairs into my studio. it is freaking cold up there right now, though, and hot in the summer. i need to get a little heater fan and it will be better. it's a lot bigger up there, and has a bunch of built in storage. i was going to wait until after we make our addition to the house, but who the hell knows when that will happen, right? might as well do it now. either way i'll have a bunch of crap to move out of the way if we ever get around to building. see?




we're just using it for storage right now, but someday hope for it to be a studio and our bedroom, maybe. i want to paint it all white, and maybe put in some lights. and since the floor is unfinished, it wouldn't be the end of the world if i got it dirty. AND there's a bathroom up there that is being neglected right now, but if i worked up there i'd use it more often.

today i begin working on my show. wish me lots of luck.


James N. said...

It's like your own little club house upstairs . . .

jenny said...

Go upstairs right now young lady and clean up that STUDIO! Fantastic SPACE it has your name written all over it! Even a bathroom! GO! :)

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i want to! the temperature is what is keeping me away ... sometimes it's like you're standing outside; ice cold right now, boiling in summer. i kind of worry about my supplies being stored up there ...

The Green Telephone said...

That ship is just amazing! Can't believe you made it "real quick", it's so full of detail! And those whales are great too, of course.