Sunday, December 21, 2008

have i mentioned how sick of the nacho bar i've become over the past few days? well ...i'm sick of it! which is no small feat, as nachos are in the same family as chips and salsa, which is my favorite food as you remember. but, i guess it is true that from time to time i do have to take chips and salsa breaks, or at the very least buy different brands of salsa to keep things interesting (whenever i write "brand" i always accidentally type "brandon"). i had nacho bar for lunch and now i feel gross, but we're currently waiting on a slow cooker meal to finish up, which will be divine.

it is so freaking cold in our house i can barely stand it. it is 3 degrees outside right now, and there's a wind advisory so it is basically windy in our house. we turned back the thermostat to 63 last week because our electric bill was so high for last month. i need to plastic more windows. i need to plastic the entire house. i'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, a wool sweater and a fleece that i stole from brandon. my hands are that kind of cold where they are slow to move, which is not good for coloring. which is what i am doing tonight. along with watching THE END OF THE GILMORE GIRLS. i can't remember if i have mentioned here how obsessed i have become with the Gilmore Girls over the past year or so. it started out slow. Very very slow. i would get the seasons mailed one disc at a time through netflix, and would watch it when the fancy struck. but as time went by i couldn't get enough! i needed more and more ... and then i found out my friend Amanda has all the boxed sets on dvd, so i borrowed every season i still had left to watch. i just keep watching it every time i'm sitting down to do something mindless, like coloring or sewing. episode after episode after episode. and it's been great. i feel like i know the characters. i feel like they are my friends. this creepy feeling is what this show does to you ... it sucks you in, makes you feel at home. it even makes BOYS like it. Boys who historically make fun of the show, saying it's so girly, it's so annoying. but then as time goes by they are sucked in just as much as any girl. i have seen this happen to brandon (sorry i have outed you, b), and other men who belong to other women. right now i'm on the second to last episode, which i realize now i have seen before on rerun tv. i don't really remember it, other than it seems familiar, so that is good. i hope i didn't accidentally already watch the final episode on tv last year at some point when we still had cable and not know it was the final episode. i don't want it to be ruined. i'm going to be so sad when it's over. what the heck am i going to watch when i color??

i'm going to stop scaring you with my obsessions, now. i must go continue my coloring and christmas present making. goodnight!

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Jeni said...

Then you can start with Party of Five! :) I think the first season is on Hulu.