Tuesday, December 16, 2008


first tree in the new house. we got the tree for $5 last year at the last chance clearance after christmas at target. it still looks like a cheap tree, although mega times better than our last one that brandon's mom found left behind in one of her rental houses ... this one is leaning a lot towards the right, but it hasn't tipped over yet, so i guess that's good. christmas is weird to me, because it gives me a nice mix of skepticism and nostalgia. strange traditions most people have no idea why they follow and rampant consumerism meet nice memories of glowing lights, iced cookies, and "the night before christmas."

i keep forgetting tis the season to watch A Christmas Story. I wait allll year long to watch my favorite movie of all time. It's here! perhaps i'll pop it in later.

Lisa:"so what prize did you end up getting?"
Bart:"moustache comb. what'd you get?"
Lisa:"fake moustache. wanna comb it?"

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