Monday, December 22, 2008

dear friends,

last night after i complained of the cold, God decided to play a trick on me. brandon and i were sitting in the living room around 9:00, eating dinner and watching A Christmas Story. brandon had just stood up to step outside when i noticed the christmas tree lights flicker.

"um, did you see that?" i asked. brandon nodded. "I hope the power doesn't go out ..."


the power went out for us and as far south, east, west as we could see. just up the block to the north, they had lights shining away, all rubbing it in our faces. of course, since it was so cold (-12 wind chill) and windy, the degrees kept dropping and dropping. we called up some friends just in case we needed a place to stay for the night, because we were opposed to falling asleep and never waking up. but we really didn't want to leave. it would have been such a hassle. we had to leave the water running so our pipes wouldn't freeze, so i would have worried about that, plus we'd have to pack up mona and take her along. she probably would be ok in the cold, but i would have worried too much! so we just established what temperature would be our cut off for staying, climbed into bed and piled on as many blankets as we could and fell asleep. around 2:30 it came back on, and we rejoiced! after the heat had been running for a tiny bit, i decided to go see what the temp had fallen to; when i looked it was at 50, but it may have been less than that before i looked. but anyway, we survived! apparently a tree branch had fallen onto a power line, so. thanks a lot, branch!

oh and here is this:

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Julie said...

The power went out at my parents' house around 3pm Christmas Eve and I was thinking of your adventure. Hope you didn't have any more of that kind of excitement. this week. :-)