Sunday, November 30, 2008

our first thanksgiving attempt


don't they look so loving? those are my bros.

Thanksgiving was a success.


the turkey turned out excellent after all of my fears. we had way too much food to even fit on the buffet table. everyone seemed to get along well, although brandon's parents had to leave early to go visit his grandma in the hospital, and grandpa in the nursing home. yikes. we had 11 people shoved into our tiny house, so it was kind of crowded, but it worked. and that ol' phenomenon of everyone wanting to be in the kitchen still applied, even though our kitchen is the size of a large closet. i couldn't believe how many people kept trying to get in there all at once.


if you look carefully in this picture, you'll find a clue to what game we were all playing:


can you tell what it was?

we also got a lot done on the kitchen. here is a before shot of the ceiling:


and after:



hooray! it's so much better! and it's not even done all the way, yet. i still have to paint the ceiling again, and there are still some rather large holes in the walls, but man. i can't believe the difference. remember?


that's the same wall you see in the picture above, where you can see the coffee maker. wow.

helping us on the kitchen was the majority of our christmas presents from my parents. they bought most of the stuff they put up, like the ceiling and the lights. it's slowly and surely getting done!

my parents think our house has a curse on it, though, b/c everything takes way longer to accomplish than my dad figured necessary. i mean, i would think being in construction for over 26 years would give him the ability to judge how long something will take to do, but he always underestimates. but it's because something always turns out to be a puzzle, and we have to run to the hardware store 4 times, and something is weird inside the walls, or the faucet is clogged so it won't turn on, etc. this time the lights they bought wouldn't go in right, so he had to go buy more, but had to go to 3 different stores to find a kind that would work. and then i had to leave early in the day yesterday to go do a show in Crawfordsville, IN, while everyone continued to work. the show turned out to be a maaaajor bust (at least for me), but i got to get to know my new friend jenny elkins since we rode together and had a booth next to each other. she is awesome, even though she thought i thought she was crazy.

today i plan to kind of take it easy, perhaps clean my art room so i can actually work in it. it became a storage area for all the crap in the rest of the house when i was cleaning for the holiday. ugh.

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jenny said...

Wow...your kitchen is GREAT! Love the beadboard ceiling! I am so glad I got to see it. Now where is that Crab dip recipe......