Monday, November 10, 2008

I've been tagged by Angie's Crafts!

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Ok, let's see ...

1) I never liked chili until my future husband made it for me when we had just barely started dating. i never liked it because the only kind i'd ever had was filled to the brim with horrible nasty kidney beans. YUCK. i hate kidney beans!! and my mom would make me eat them, even though they are so horrible and nasty. HORRIBLE. so. the future husband and i went to the store together to purchase the items needed to make chili (he was really excited to make it, although i was quite hesitant, as you have already guessed), and while at the store i discovered the miracle that is "chili, with no beans." woah!(i really enjoy beans that have been mashed into a paste ... but beans that are whole ... forget it)

2) When I was probably 11 or 12 or so, my friend's parents split up, or had split up; in any case, my friend informed me that the reason they weren't together was because her dad "had cheated." when i went home from school, i told my mom about what had happened. "huh ... i wonder what he cheated at ..." i asked. the only conceivable thing i could think that involved cheating was board games. i guess i thought her mom took monopoly really really seriously.

3) more about food. chips and salsa is my most favorite food in the entire world. probably everyone already knows this about me. but maybe you don't already know it ... i should inform you. i frequently eat them every day of the week, for a snack, for a meal, whatever. sometimes at united we would get Qdoba for a special treat, which meant we'd have lots and lots of chips and salsa leftovers in the fridge the next day. i'd sit around from 8am on wondering when "it's too early for chips and salsa" would no longer apply to a normal person. i'd usually give in around 10:30.

4)i have psychic dreams sometimes. i realize that sounds stupid. but really, it happens every now and then, and it is always creepy. i usually don't know they are psychic until after the event i dreamed of happened in real life. i've dreamed of an unexpected death in the family, an unexpected pregnancy in the family, and frequently i will dream of someone i haven't seen or talked to in years and they will suddenly contact me the next day. i just hope the dreams i have of going back to high school and failing math class and forgetting my locker combination don't come true.

5) i grew up catholic, and did the whole catholic school thing all the way until 12th grade. although i'm no longer considered "practicing," i still have this strong identification with the church ... not necessarily with all of their beliefs and practices (lots of things i don't agree with that led me to leave), but i have always loved the ritual, and just being in an old church with the music and the incense makes me feel good. i also love religious art and iconography (byzantine and baroque in particular).

6) earlier today i was painting kitchen cabinets, and i accidentally dipped my paintbrush into my coffee cup. hooray!

7) oh my gosh this is too hard. um ... i like coffee, tea, wine, and sparkling water. one of those is false. which is it?

i don't want to tag. if you would like to participate, please do so! i will not force you.

here is a new commission i just finished. yay!

henry and zoe, web

the end.

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jenny said...

Candice....I am still laughing at the cheating at Monopoly comment. It is so sweet. Also...I am surprised by the you like food comment. I wish I looked like I didn't like food. It shows on me! Not you. I loved reading your list. j