Monday, November 3, 2008

I got invited to do an interview at who hub. it's not very exclusive or anything, but there it is. go see!

i just finished my very first stroll through digital coloring for a *real* illustration:

christmas barn finished small

close up:

finished thumb 1

(you should be able to click the image and see a couple of progress shots)
i've done some practice with digital coloring, and a lot of my greeting cards are created digitally, but this is the first time i colored in a graphite drawing, and i created it based totally on the faith that i could do it. luckily it worked out, b/c i just finished this morning, and it is due today!

the weather has been gorgeous lately! it figures b/c we finally broke down and put up all the storm windows, and took down the screen doors. it's supposed to be a high of 71 today! it would be a good day for airing out the house, especially since last night our house got filled up with smoke from someone burning leaves. yuck!


James N. said...

what's digital coloring?

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i colored in photoshop!

James N. said...

cool, that must take some patience