Wednesday, October 8, 2008

an unexpectedly busy day!


Lots of orders!

Almost to 50 sales, guys! Plenty of special surprises left to go around! A couple of the last orders have been doubles, so I'm getting to 50 faster; and since there's only one prize per order, that means I'll have a couple extra left to go around, even for when I get over the 50 mark!

Today I am spending the day researching places to add to my mailing list, and filling out a looooong application (twice) to apply to be in the Indiana Artisan Program. I'm keeping all my fingers double crossed that I'll be accepted, as I think it will be a wonderful opportunity. But, if I don't get in, they send feedback to everyone about why or why they didn't make it, and I'll have a better shot the next time I apply, at some T.B.A. date.

I think I'm going to have to make a grocery store break so that I will have food to eat by the time I get hungry.

Don't laugh that I haven't gotten around to finishing the dining room painting yet. I said don't!!

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