Monday, October 13, 2008

such an exciting life

i had a job interview today for a part time job at the library. i've ALWAYS wanted to work at the library, my entire life. the first time i remember someone asking me what i wanted to be when i grew up, it was "librarian." the interview went well, i suppose, although i have no idea, really. i prefer interviews to end with "ok, we're going to put you on the schedule now" rather than "well HR will let you know in 2 to 3 weeks."

you would hire me, wouldn't you?


don't i look like someone who desperately wants to be around books a few times a week? notice my beautiful handmade felt flower that i finished sewing moments before walking out the door (it coordinates perfectly with the skirt i'm wearing, also which i handmade a few years ago. i'm so awesome!!). also notice my two newest owls which play no role whatsoever in whether or not i get the job, but really they should have a hand in it.

and now it is time once again to play WHERE'S MONA??


snuggling safely on a couch among piles of felt, a fleece jacket, and the pattern for my cat-erpillar stuffie.

i really need to make sure i accomplish something today. i need to get a story out of my head. it's been clogging me up for too long.


Susan Davis said...

I love my new bird pin. I wore it to work yesterday and got many compliments! Hope you got mail from me on Saturday.

James N. said...

How are you at the stern look and the shushing? And can you put your hair up in a bun? I'd hire you, those are all skills you can pick up while you apprentice with Gertrude, our head librarian who was here back when the books were parchment scrolls.