Monday, October 6, 2008

The Indieana Handicraft Exchange was really fun!


here is a close up of my necklace stand, with my trusty pendant model:


Friday night was super busy, because it was first friday. i saw a lot of familiar faces, some i remembered, and one i just couldn't ... this girl i know from SOMEwhere (somewhere at school), i just can't remember why! i talked to her about it, and she says i look familiar, too, but was having the same mental block. we both feel like we had more interaction together than just the fact that we shared a class, so we're thinking we were in a group project together, or something. so frustrating to not remember.

i met some really great people, too. the booths were all really cozy, so i was practically sitting in the girl's lap behind me. we ended up talking a lot, and she was really funny and nice. she and her fella are from toronto, and they have been traveling around the country going to shows, meeting people, sounds like having a lot of fun. her man had a really awesome moustache, too! she was selling these little crocheted or knitted things she called "blood drops," as they were red droplet looking guys with eyes. this little boy decided to buy one, and he said "this guy is going to be easy to name."
"OH yeah? what are you going to name him?" she asked.
"Blood Drop," he said matter-of-factly, like it was so obvious we should have known! i guess we should have.

this week and next are very very very slim weeks for me. this hasn't happened in awhile. i've been quite busy for a long time, and now it has just dropped off so suddenly. i still have a couple more shows coming up to prepare for, but the next one isn't until the 18th. sooo ... i have a lot of days to work around the house, which is good, since i still haven't finished painting the dining room. i hope it picks back up again, soon, though.

perhaps i will list some necklaces, eh? go check and see if i did it!

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