Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i need to go to the grocery store, and it seems like the most repulsive thing, ever. i really don't want to go! i have not been in the mood to cook anything lately, but i really should do it again, someday. i was looking in this holiday cookbook that brandon's grandma gave me, and there is this section called "ladies garden party." never mind how cheesy it sounds, i think it would be really fun to have a garden party! i wish i had ladies who lived nearby to invite. all my ladies are out of town, and that is sad. it has recipes like "peachy lemonade" and "pesto chicken," and a how-to on making an herb bouquet for the backs of the chairs, lol. i would send invitations and skirts would be required! want to come?

something you should come to this weekend is the indieana handicraft exchange. here is a new card i made today:

helicopter web

i'll have some new stuff, so check it out!

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