Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i'm going to try to start tagging my entries ... we'll see how long that lasts.

mona keeps being bad, and it's annoying me. she keeps scratching the rug, which is SO BAD. i need to get that stuff that cats find to be stinky, ie, cat repellent. hopefully it won't be stinky for me. i should also get her a new cardboard scratching thing. she was being awesome about only scratching there, but now she's being a little jerk, so maybe she needs a new one that is cat-nippier and not all worn down. somehow i got her trained to never jump up on the kitchen counters, but any other thing i try to get her to not do, she will not listen. right now she is tearing around the house yowling her head off!


here she is thinking about how much she'd rather scratch the rug than the stupid cardboard thingy.

well, it is time for christmasy themed things once again at the little lutheran. this one was kind of similar to the one i did last year:

sheep 1 web

sheep 2 web

gouache and graphite. the massive amount of sheep is my favorite!

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James N. said...

cats seem to enjoy rugs for some reason, you think if you'd get them a little apron and a vacuum cleaner they would either stop enjoying rugs, or at least help out around the place.