Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I just had a UPS adventure.

I went to The UPS Store which was only a couple miles from our house. I thought I was all set, till I found out I couldn't use the customer account number unless I either went to the main UPS site, which is on the west side, or I could go home and fill out the stuff on my computer and print it out and take it back to that one. I didn't think to ask if I could just use the internet there, so I ended up back at home. Where I found in order to fill out the online paperwork, I would need to know the weight of my package. Which I had no way of knowing. So I ended up having to go to the main branch after all. And of course, there was major road construction right in front of where I was going, and I ended up having to turn around twice in order to get into where I needed to go. So frustrating! But, it is finally off once again, hopefully going to where it needs to go this time. Man.

Here is my dining room, difference of only an hour or so:

dining room lighting

the colors changed so much! The real color looks more like the picture on the left, but the sun just made it look so golden. Also on the left, please note how badly I need to mop the floor. Stinkin' dust everywhere! That dust is from having to sand the walls before we painted, and it's been trapped underneath a plastic drop cloth till I just removed it yesterday.

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