Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i found THE COOLEST owl today at the D.A.V.


apparently it's from japan

not much has been happening lately. brandon and i took a pretend vacation to downtown, where we used a gift certificate to stay in a suite at the Hilton. the room was bigger than our old apartment, and it had two full bathrooms! i couldn't believe it. it was also big enough to do a cartwheel, i know this from experience. we went to celebrate our first anniversary, which is on monday. we've been telling people that we are under warranty, but soon the warranty will be expired.

today i'm finishing up some drawings, and after that i'll be preparing for upcoming fairs. make sure you come out to see me, i'm going to have many new things! at the end of october, i'm going to start listing some of these new things in my etsy shop, in case people don't get a chance to visit me in person.

time for workin'!

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