Monday, August 18, 2008

while working in the yard, we found a little garden friend:

slug 4

well i guess he's maybe a foe. but i befriended him, and wouldn't let brandon pour salt on him.

he was really big, and fast, actually!

here's what we were doing outside.
this is the before:

house, before


house, after

house, front bed

we only got to do one side, heheh. our house looks like it had a stroke, now. brandon had to dig up gobs of english ivy. hopefully they won't all return in the spring, that would be maddening. however, i am fully expecting at least some of them to return. i hear it is really hard to kill.

yesterday my parents came into town to drop my brother off at school, and to do a whirlwind wallpaper extraction.

remember how it looked:


and now:

house, dining room 3

so much better, right? oh my god, it's amazing how much better it is. now i will have to make sure every last bit of wallpaper paste is gone, and i will get to paint! and start assembling our dining room, hooray!

we got one of those digital converter boxes because we watch antenna tv, and now we get three pbs channels. the other day we were watching this really surreal cooking show, with a guy all bundled up, cooking weird food on what appeared to be a glacier in Greenland. he was making these mashed potatoes with one ingredient being crab. he suddenly looked up at the camera, eyes all glistening and far away looking, and said "these are not only the mashed potatoes of my life, but the mashed potatoes of my dreams." it was really quite hilarious.

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Hi slug

Julie said...

dude. i want that mashed potato recipe! your yardwork is inspiring me.... maybe i'll do some mulch tomorrow. the bags have been sitting there for a week calling to me. taunting me.