Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Sunday I participated in A Walk in the Park here in Irvington.




(click any photo to see a bit more)

it was an absolutely beautiful day. to have a non-humid, slightly breezy, 70-some degree weather day in august in the midwest is a rarity. i was glad to have spent most of it outside. all the people (and dogs) i met were so nice and friendly. a lot of them lived nearby. i ran into a woman who was in illustration classes with me at herron, and found out she lives only 2 blocks away from us! what a coincidence.

i am hoping to be in a few more art shows like this one before the end of the year. The one I know for sure that i am attending is called the Fountain Square Art Fair (http://www.discoverfountainsquare.com/artfair.cfm ... that is the registration form, but it also has info about location, date, etc) on September 27th. Two more I'm applying for are the Feast of Lanterns (http://indyfeast.org/) on August 23, and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange 2008 (http://www.indiecraftshows.com/events.php?id=210) on october 3rd. I'll let you know for sure if i will be there ... either way, you should probably go check them out, they will be awesome!

i am thinking i need to reinstate the "drawing-a-day" festivities. notice that is in quotes. maybe "drawing-every-other-day" will be more appropriate. i am a little more settled now, so it may be possible to actually make the commitment this time.

it is time for bed. sleep tight, ducklings!

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