Thursday, August 14, 2008

in a little while i have to wake up brandon and take him to get a rental car (last week while parked in front of our house, someone backed straight into his car. thanks, non-lining up driveways, you are very unhelpful!). technically, i guess he could use my car for a week while his gets fixed ... but then, you know, i'd have no car. and that'd be lame! especially while i'm getting ready for another show next week. spur of the moment drives to cumberland will be aplenty (i like to call it "cucumberland," to brandon's dismay). so the other dude's insurance lets brandon get a rental. he's hoping they will have some sort of hybrid. then, we are totally going on a day trip somewhere this weekend, which is freaking amazing! we never go on day trips any more because we can't afford to be so willy nilly on gas. like all the rest of you. i have no idea where we're going, or when, but last night something whispered "IKEEEAAA ..." into my ear. i'm trying to ignore it, because even if we did go out there, we wouldn't be able to buy anything cool right now.

apparently when i woke up to my alarm this morning, i hit "snooze," got up and didn't turn it off. i just now went in there for something, and brandon has been sleeping in there with the radio going off for the last half an hour. granted, i have the quietest alarm in history, ever, but still. he was sleeping through it. so weird to me. well, i've discussed this with my brother who is the same way: we actually wake up to the little "click" before the music starts. i suppose that makes us unusual. and unable to understand people who can sleep straight through the "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!" kind.

last night while talking to sally, i was reminded of these little necklaces i started making a few months ago, but never did anything with.
experimental necklaces

i will alert you when they make an appearance in my etsy store. i'm planning on a craft store trip to help me finish them up today. really i should wait to shop until sunday night, because i have a very time specific 25% off coupon, but who wants to wait for a day i might not even be home (road trip)?. she and i are doing the Feast of Lanterns together. i guess it's supposed to be a really neat event. i'm hoping to make a lot of money. since we're splitting the cost, it's only going to cost like $12.50 apiece. anyway, you should come out!

time for a shower to begin today's adventure!

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Julie said...

dude. your friend sally and i are birthday twins. except i'm much older. weird!