Sunday, August 24, 2008

here i am, proving my fair attendance:

candor in booth

here's sally.
feast of lanterns
(click on photo to see my pics)

our booth looked much better this time.

a bear head.

feast of lanterns
flaming lanterns.

we survived the 12 hour day, but only just barely. we braved the heat, some mild unpreparedness, an electricity crisis, a scavenger hunt for a van that did not belong to me, and during the drive home, being pinned in the middle of some police activity that looked like it could erupt into a riot at any moment.

i think it was worth it, if only for the learning experience. our next fairs can only get better from here.

many thanks go out to my friend mike altman who graciously entrusted the safety and wellbeing of his keys AND van (bearing a mini cow) so that we might continue our much needed electricity.

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Jeni said...

I was at the Feast of Lanterns, as well, and LOVED your booth. My daughter was quite thrilled with the coloring pages, too. I only buy handmade cards, preferable prints like yours, and loved, loved, loved the ones you had--so cute and witty.