Sunday, August 31, 2008

i've been watching my friend sarah do lots of comics, and it's been getting me in the mood.

remember the good old days? ah, colloidal oatmeal how we all miss you.

here is today's creation:

bird food web

based on true events. i didn't actually throw a whole bun, though.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

owl see you soon

another card! again, available here.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm warning you right now that I will have a small space at the Harrison Center next week (September 5th) for First Friday. So, if you don't want to run into me, stay away! But I would rather you came on out, I would like to talk at you for a little while. I'll be showing some stuff that I made for my duo-show last ... January, was it? It will be in an oh-so-slightly different format, so if you already caught it, it will be ok if you come out again. And if you didn't catch it the first time ... well you have no excuse to stay at home this time!

Well I will accept some excuses. I guess.

Also, I just found out I'm officially going to be at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange also at the Harrison Center, on October 3rd and 4th. Please mark it on your calendars! It will be a great place to do some of that early holiday shopping.

brandon frog
yesterday my husband looked like a frog. he's still mostly prince-like, though, despite the bug breath.
i forgot i wanted to show you this:

whale  hello

available here.

more will be coming soon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

here i am, proving my fair attendance:

candor in booth

here's sally.
feast of lanterns
(click on photo to see my pics)

our booth looked much better this time.

a bear head.

feast of lanterns
flaming lanterns.

we survived the 12 hour day, but only just barely. we braved the heat, some mild unpreparedness, an electricity crisis, a scavenger hunt for a van that did not belong to me, and during the drive home, being pinned in the middle of some police activity that looked like it could erupt into a riot at any moment.

i think it was worth it, if only for the learning experience. our next fairs can only get better from here.

many thanks go out to my friend mike altman who graciously entrusted the safety and wellbeing of his keys AND van (bearing a mini cow) so that we might continue our much needed electricity.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

slug card

will be available in my booth at the Feast of Lanterns! see you there!


he waited for half an hour. forty-five minutes. he didn't deserve to be treated this way, but didn't know any better.

it took 2 hours to make it back home.

Monday, August 18, 2008

while working in the yard, we found a little garden friend:

slug 4

well i guess he's maybe a foe. but i befriended him, and wouldn't let brandon pour salt on him.

he was really big, and fast, actually!

here's what we were doing outside.
this is the before:

house, before


house, after

house, front bed

we only got to do one side, heheh. our house looks like it had a stroke, now. brandon had to dig up gobs of english ivy. hopefully they won't all return in the spring, that would be maddening. however, i am fully expecting at least some of them to return. i hear it is really hard to kill.

yesterday my parents came into town to drop my brother off at school, and to do a whirlwind wallpaper extraction.

remember how it looked:


and now:

house, dining room 3

so much better, right? oh my god, it's amazing how much better it is. now i will have to make sure every last bit of wallpaper paste is gone, and i will get to paint! and start assembling our dining room, hooray!

we got one of those digital converter boxes because we watch antenna tv, and now we get three pbs channels. the other day we were watching this really surreal cooking show, with a guy all bundled up, cooking weird food on what appeared to be a glacier in Greenland. he was making these mashed potatoes with one ingredient being crab. he suddenly looked up at the camera, eyes all glistening and far away looking, and said "these are not only the mashed potatoes of my life, but the mashed potatoes of my dreams." it was really quite hilarious.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

in a little while i have to wake up brandon and take him to get a rental car (last week while parked in front of our house, someone backed straight into his car. thanks, non-lining up driveways, you are very unhelpful!). technically, i guess he could use my car for a week while his gets fixed ... but then, you know, i'd have no car. and that'd be lame! especially while i'm getting ready for another show next week. spur of the moment drives to cumberland will be aplenty (i like to call it "cucumberland," to brandon's dismay). so the other dude's insurance lets brandon get a rental. he's hoping they will have some sort of hybrid. then, we are totally going on a day trip somewhere this weekend, which is freaking amazing! we never go on day trips any more because we can't afford to be so willy nilly on gas. like all the rest of you. i have no idea where we're going, or when, but last night something whispered "IKEEEAAA ..." into my ear. i'm trying to ignore it, because even if we did go out there, we wouldn't be able to buy anything cool right now.

apparently when i woke up to my alarm this morning, i hit "snooze," got up and didn't turn it off. i just now went in there for something, and brandon has been sleeping in there with the radio going off for the last half an hour. granted, i have the quietest alarm in history, ever, but still. he was sleeping through it. so weird to me. well, i've discussed this with my brother who is the same way: we actually wake up to the little "click" before the music starts. i suppose that makes us unusual. and unable to understand people who can sleep straight through the "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!" kind.

last night while talking to sally, i was reminded of these little necklaces i started making a few months ago, but never did anything with.
experimental necklaces

i will alert you when they make an appearance in my etsy store. i'm planning on a craft store trip to help me finish them up today. really i should wait to shop until sunday night, because i have a very time specific 25% off coupon, but who wants to wait for a day i might not even be home (road trip)?. she and i are doing the Feast of Lanterns together. i guess it's supposed to be a really neat event. i'm hoping to make a lot of money. since we're splitting the cost, it's only going to cost like $12.50 apiece. anyway, you should come out!

time for a shower to begin today's adventure!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

today has been like an awakening.

the past few days i have felt the laziest i have felt in a while. i didn't want to do anything, pick up anything, get up off the couch. but at the same time i was so incredibly bored to be sitting there watching beach volleyball on the olympics, or to be trying to beat my score on guitar hero. i was mad at myself for loafing, but too lazy to make the change.

today, somehow, feels completely different. i got up early and applied for two shows. i've started cleaning up. i colored for awhile. i'm putting things on the walls in my studio. i found an important paper i had lost. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day, because it will be filled with things that need to get done, and will make me feel accomplished.

i must go before the feeling leaves me again. have great days!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Sunday I participated in A Walk in the Park here in Irvington.




(click any photo to see a bit more)

it was an absolutely beautiful day. to have a non-humid, slightly breezy, 70-some degree weather day in august in the midwest is a rarity. i was glad to have spent most of it outside. all the people (and dogs) i met were so nice and friendly. a lot of them lived nearby. i ran into a woman who was in illustration classes with me at herron, and found out she lives only 2 blocks away from us! what a coincidence.

i am hoping to be in a few more art shows like this one before the end of the year. The one I know for sure that i am attending is called the Fountain Square Art Fair ( ... that is the registration form, but it also has info about location, date, etc) on September 27th. Two more I'm applying for are the Feast of Lanterns ( on August 23, and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange 2008 ( on october 3rd. I'll let you know for sure if i will be there ... either way, you should probably go check them out, they will be awesome!

i am thinking i need to reinstate the "drawing-a-day" festivities. notice that is in quotes. maybe "drawing-every-other-day" will be more appropriate. i am a little more settled now, so it may be possible to actually make the commitment this time.

it is time for bed. sleep tight, ducklings!