Monday, June 16, 2008


I finally have some pictures up from my show. Click the photo to see more. I'm being slow in getting the real clear scans up because I want to force you to go into the gallery to see them. bwahaha! but these photos are kind of clear, so.

yesterday was another day of domesticity. even though it is slow going in getting the house together, i am having a good time watching it transform. we got a new rug yesterday that i know is going to be difficult in getting mona to learn not to scratch. i want to tell her "don't scratch the rug, or brandon will get mad and make you live outside!" she has a scratching board on the rug, but today i caught her being bad. sigh. we mowed again yesterday with our cool reel mower, and these huge menacing clouds started rolling in. we hurried up and put the mower up, and then i noticed that our storm windows were still just propped up against the garage. i'm always afraid they will blow over. i wanted to put them in the garage really quick so they wouldn't break, and in the process we smashed my pinky finger. i was really afraid it was broken; it's on my drawer-hand. but it seems to be ok today. just cut up.

i worked at edibles yesterday, and spent a portion of my paycheck on food. i know this is going to be a problem ... working around snacks is hard! but man, i was hungry, and those chips and salsa were calling out my name. and then brandon wanted me to bring home hummus and pita. mmmm.

i really hope that brandon's job moves to irvington. they will be moving to the east side sometime hopefully before the end of the year, which will be great. right now he has about a half hour interstate ride to work. from washington street (farther south than 10th) all the way up to 116th street. it's faar. but it will be even cooler if it's right in irvington, because then he can walk to work, too. we will technically never have to drive anywhere, pretty much. at least not every day. and if we get really awesome, we can ride bikes to the grocery. i will have to get some kind of a trailer for my bike for haulin'.

back to work!

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