Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok, so ... I'm terrible at creating a drawing a day. But can you blame me? Well ... I guess you can, if you want. All I'm saying is I picked one heck of a time to try and start a new daily routine. Since my brilliant idea, I've had to battle such things as:

bacteria filled water heaters;
unruly heating ducts;
uncooperative sink faucets;
water warped hardwood floors;
three layers of ancient wallpaper;

And that's not to mention starting my new few-hours-a-week receptionist job (new jobs are always scaaary), working on the picture book AND finishing up everything for my June 6th show in Fountain Square (poster to come soon).

Things have been quite busy, to say the least. Which is a complete change as to how I was feeling in February and March, which was a little bit of boredom mixed with cabin fever. Things will settle down again soon, I promise, as soon as the big move is over (this sunday!!).

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