Friday, April 18, 2008

Daily Drawing

Dear Everyone,

I'm going to make a whole-hearted attempt at making a drawing to go along with every day of my life. I'm not promising to actually post one every day, but i plan to place ink on paper, and then show them to you at least a few times a week. deal?

Here's the first one:


Midwesterners: did you feel the earthquake this morning?? holy crap, i sure did! it scared the crap out of me; woke me up out of an already terrible nights sleep. i just sat straight up in bed wondering what the hell was going on: my bed was moving around a lot, and the closet door was squeaking and my lamp shade rattling all over. it was so scary! then it was suddenly over, and i went to see if brandon felt it (couch sleeping again) but he had been sleeping and thought i was crazy. so then i spent the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep, thinking about ghosts, and maybe i had just dreamed it. i should have turned on the news i guess, but i looked it up this morning online, and sure enough.

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