Saturday, April 26, 2008


it's finally turned to spring, and it is beautiful. our new neighborhood was a delight to walk through the other day, with all the flowering trees, and good smells.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

website horror

my web host is experiencing difficulty today, therefore my site is down. i just love paying lots of money only to see "problem loading page." i have had a few different web hosts in my internet lifetime, and i've had lots of problems with every single one. am i just unlucky, or is this a hazard of online business? i hate thinking people cannot access my page if they are trying right now. that is a good way to lose possible clients.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i'm already bad at making a new drawing every single day. but i'm doing my best. here is what happened yesterday.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Daily Drawing

Dear Everyone,

I'm going to make a whole-hearted attempt at making a drawing to go along with every day of my life. I'm not promising to actually post one every day, but i plan to place ink on paper, and then show them to you at least a few times a week. deal?

Here's the first one:


Midwesterners: did you feel the earthquake this morning?? holy crap, i sure did! it scared the crap out of me; woke me up out of an already terrible nights sleep. i just sat straight up in bed wondering what the hell was going on: my bed was moving around a lot, and the closet door was squeaking and my lamp shade rattling all over. it was so scary! then it was suddenly over, and i went to see if brandon felt it (couch sleeping again) but he had been sleeping and thought i was crazy. so then i spent the rest of the night trying to go back to sleep, thinking about ghosts, and maybe i had just dreamed it. i should have turned on the news i guess, but i looked it up this morning online, and sure enough.

Monday, April 7, 2008

i babble a lot

wow, a day off after days and days of furious working.

i rolled out of bed this morning at 7:45 and drove the 2 1/2 hours to south bend. my parents got a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast in michigan that they had to use before it expired (the year that passed between receiving it and actually using it was hell and caused them to have to use it at the very last minute; actually they convinced the place to let them use it a couple weeks after it expired), so i am here hanging out with my little bro while he is on spring break. we had quite a pleasant day. unfortunately i decided to forget that my camera was in my purse. why do i do that? it's dumb. first before anything happened, the doorbell rang, and it was this guy who i went to grade/high school with, so weird! i think he had my dad inspect a house he bought, so he had come by to give him something, and voila, he wasn't home, but i was, cool. it is weird to see someone from my past, he looked like a grownup and i felt like a little kid in my jeans and sweatshirt hoodie. but he used to torture me a lot in grade school; all water under the bridge! after that max and i went to notre dame and walked around for a long time, and then we threw a football around (appropriately). we ran around like morons, and i hope lots of college kids saw us and made fun of us because we were dorks obviously. then we went back to the house for a while where i had to talk a lot about dumb house stuff. getting a house is dumb. there's so much you have to do. be prepared if you're thinking about looking. after awhile we went out to eat at hacienda where we enjoyed a very decadent meal, including both an appetizer AND dessert. it was weird to still have room after dinner, because normally you have to wait a million years for your food and by then you've consumed 3 baskets of chips and you are totally already full when they give you your taco. but today they were not busy so we only had one basket. then after we ate we went to pet smart to look at kitties, but all the kitties were gone from the cages so we looked at guinea pigs instead. i love me some bed head guinea pigs. they remind me of maxwell, the he-that-turned-out-to-be-a-she-guinea-pig that we got to babysit at united sometimes. we met a dog shopper too who was really friendly and kept wanting to come with us instead of his lady.

tonight we've just been hanging around; played some DS for awhile, and then since max was too nervous to watch Medium, he showed me how to record it on their digital tv, and we watched a bunch of Family Guy instead. Their tv baffles me, it has too many remotes and i never know what i'm doing, and two things were recording and it wouldn't let me change the channel unless i canceled something that was recording, which makes no sense. when we move i think we will no longer have cable tv, which means we'll have to get that digital converter box by 2009, or so the commercials tell me. antenna tv is so much easier than anything else. if it's not working, just move the antenna. fixed.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


i threw in the towel and bought a new keyboard. the 'o' would still not work, and the 'o' is imperative for me to log into every single email address i own. the number pad was also fickle; i could use the numbers across the top for every number except 8 or 9; those worked on the number pad, though, but not 1, 4, or 7. ugh! it's good to be back on my own computer, though. i will have to get used to this new keyboard, as the keys feel a bit strange compared to my old one. this one is so beautiful and clean and white, it looks like it is glowing.

this week so far is filled with lots of emotions. i have some new set in stone deadlines for art work to work towards, which is always relieving. I like to know exactly when something will have to be done, so i can budget my time. i found a new store that wants to carry some of my stuffed animals and art prints; another store i already have stuff at sold one of my drawings, and has offered me to think about teaching a colored pencil class sometime soon; i got a lead on a day job that is where we are trying to move to very soon ... and ...

well we got the house we want! it is almost for very sure. i say almost because all the paperwork is not quite filled out, and we haven't heard for sure from the bank about the loan, but i'm pretty positive that will work out just fine. we will live in a house with a yard and a garage and almost three times as much room as we have now. just amazing! if i get the job i want, i will be able to walk or ride my bike to work instead of having to drive; pretty much the only driving will be when i need a large grocery trip, or in the dead of winter. there's a drug store on the corner, and a mexican grocery store which i hear is actually really nice to buy fresh stuff from. the job i applied for is to work at an organic grocery, which is pretty small, but they still have some fresh stuff, and lots of grains and coffees, etc. i also want to sell out a bit and see if the starbucks there is hiring; i know they offer benefits to part-timers, which would be nice. i worry a lot about potential babies become real babies, and not having the money to pay doctor bills unless i am covered. i could be tacked onto brandon's insurance sometime soon, over the summer i think i will be qualified again, but it is a lot of money to add me on.

the new house will be a chore all summer long. it is filled with a lot of junk from the previous owners, who had their house foreclosed on. we will have to throw a lot of it away, things that shouldn't be saved, such as at least two mattresses, and an ugly ripped up couch, and old beer cans, etc. everything else of value we will decide whether to keep or try to sell on ebay. we could potentially make some good money on all the books and old antiques, such as a suuuuper old adding machine, which is kind of cool, but maybe there's a market for that kind of stuff ... not sure. but i will find out! we will have to refinish the hardwood floors (i finally get my hardwood floors, i've wanted them for years!), and tile the kitchen, and rearrange the cupboards, and install a new oven, and and and ... well, a lot of stuff, to be done in a months time, which is all the time we will have when we've given our notice to the apartment, and all the time we'll be able to afford having a house and apartment at the same time. if only we had known last september we'd be finding a house, we wouldn't have signed an entire year's lease ... we will have to pay a lot of money to break it early.

that is all that is going on now. a lot of boring grown up type stuff filling my head at all times of the day, and night, too.

here's a candid shot of me in my possible new studio: