Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well, I would like to try to write in here more often. I like to forget that this blog exists. That is bad of me.

Brandon and I are on the cusp of home ownership. Today we submitted an offer for a cute little house *in* historic irvington (technically, it is two houses outside of the district, but ... whatever). It is kind of good for us that it is outside of it as we will not have to follow strict guidelines for updating the structure, such as if we ever decide to add on, or get new windows, or such.


don't you love it? i do.

Things have been slow around the studio, lately. Well, not really slow, I guess, because I've been making a lot of art, and feel busy all the time, but slow more in the new job department. My period of sole-art making is probably drawing to a close, and a part time job on the horizon, especially with the possibility of having a new house. That is ok, as that was always the plan, but I still want to cry babyishly thinking about having to have a set bedtime again, or turning down an on-the-fly road trip because I have to work that day.

Last night I wrote mournfully about my high stress, and my seeming lack of creative ideas. I spent hours trying to come up with a new idea, and more hours drawing something I ended up hating and throwing away. I spent the night sleeping like a rock, and when i woke up promptly sketched out three new ideas, one of which is a diptych. Funny how that happens ...

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