Monday, March 31, 2008

i had a sudden lightening bolt of an idea for an illustration, so i spent the last almost 5 straight hours painting, cutting, assembling, sewing. my fingers hurt! it's a bit of a change from the other stuff i'm working on for the show, but i think with some clever word play and consistent imagery, they will all go together nicely. i hope. this is a way i've wanted to work for awhile, but never actually tried. kind of a matisse thing ... i always thought it was cool he created his collages with painted pieces of paper he cut out from. so it's kind of a painting, but not. so that's what i'm trying.

please keep my computer keyboard in your thoughts ... it might be dead, but the announcement is not yet official. this morning i thought it would be a good idea to dump a cup of coffee on it. it has been quite fickle since then, sometimes certain letters work, and sometimes they don't. currently none of them work at all. i've had to hijack brandon's computer in the mean time. i was hoping by now it'd be all dried out and saved, but no.

i'm freaking tired. goodnight.

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