Sunday, November 18, 2007

here's a bad picture of the cards i made for the Studio School opening:

greeting cards

greeting card

i was in a super big time rush, so did not have time to photograph them all without the plastic. i'm going to make a bunch more soon, though. and you can buy them from me! i'm afraid people will think they are too expensive, though. but they are all one of a kind. the bunnies are hand stamped with a handmade stamp, and the others are basically mini art prints sewn onto a card ... i'm selling them for $5 and $8 respectively. soon i'm going to make gift tags, which will be fun for me.

only two more weeks left. i am freaking scared. but excited.

Friday, November 16, 2007

a small gallery opening in my apartment. i was the only one in attendance. it opened to rave reviews.
tiny drawings

i took these to the real gallery yesterday. hopefully i shall see them there on saturday.



i took matters into my own hands, and put in my 5 weeks notice at work. i now have two weeks and two days left of that. so, for at least 6 months or so, i will pretend to be a real life artist and illustrator, staying at home every day, coloring and drawing to my heart's content. if all goes well, i may be able to extend the affair. i'll let you know in april.