Sunday, December 9, 2007

i did not get much artwork accomplished today. however, i got to do a lot that i don't normally get to: i talked to my mom for an hour, went grocery shopping, and cooked pea soup and real life mashed potatoes (i love love mashed potatoes!) both which took me three hours. they are now in their last half hour. so far, today and friday were my two days off. i get to actually have days off now! i probably will work a little bit later on after brandon goes to work. but it's nice to do house-y stuff once in awhile. like ... yesterday i actually cleaned the apartment! woah!

i need to add more stuff to my etsy store soon. i would like an eventual goal to be adding something every day to boost my visibility. i'm struggling between whether i should list art cards under the Art section, or the Card section? even though my cards are actually one of a kind art pieces, the fact that they are cards makes people not want to pay very much for them. if i made the same piece of work on a piece of paper that did not fold, i could charge twice as much or more for them. kind of silly. perhaps i'll market them as art pieces with the option of sending as a greeting. but first and foremost they are for framing. duh! i made some for the studio school that i just love, and i think other people will too. i think i'm going to make a "transportation" greeting set. so far i have a car that says "hi." i'll be showing you soon, as soon as i make new ones.

i wish i could post a smell, because our dinner smells awesome! well, here i am eating apple sauce on our honeymoon. this is what i will look like soon when i'm eating potatoes!!


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